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Introduction to cycle speedway

Cycle speedway is a sport of passion, speed and sheer guts as well as one that has roots steeped in British cycling history. If you like the idea of track riding but are loath to give up your vitamin D, fear not – there is a cycling discipline for you!

Cycle speedway is a fast-paced dirt track sprint event, with a thriving domestic and international scene in the UK.

Rider race four laps of the 70 metre track, over several rounds, in order to win points for themselves and their teams.

The sport has a very inclusive, family-friendly atmosphere, while also showcasing some of Europe’s top athletes at the elite league meetings.

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The venue

Oval shaped shale tracks are the domain of cycle speedway. Born on the bombsites of post war Europe, cycle speedway tracks are among the simplest of cycle sport facilities.

Tracks are 70-90 metres in length, with enough width for four riders to race shoulder-to-shoulder.

Cycle speedway riders refer to the four bends of the track, with both the bend going in and bend exiting the turn, both of which require skil and effort from the competitors to negotiate.

Speedway is an almost solely club-run sport, with clubs building and maintaining their own venues.

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