New online tool makes life easier for clubs

New online tool makes life easier for clubs


 Welsh Cycling has today hailed the development of a new free-to-use tool, designed by British Cycling to help clubs manage all elements of their day-to-day activity and communication from one place.

All affiliated clubs in Wales will now have free access to the Club Management Tool which features an online dashboard, enabling clubs to place a public profile on the British Cycling website.

Highlights include free website design and hosting, newsletters and subscription collection. An interactive club calendar will also enable clubs to post club activities, invite riders to book onto sessions and interact with them from one hub.

Bike Doctor is new club based in the Rhondda, affiliating for the first time. Club Secretary Chris Jones, is looking forward to trying out the Tool.

He said: “Ever since Welsh Cycling told me it was upcoming, I’ve been interested in using it to help establish a profile for our club. We need a platform to tell people about our club’s activities.

“I think it’s a great way to help get Bike Doctor off the ground at no extra charge, and even if we’d been an established club, we’d think about using it to add to our club’s profile.”

Chair of the Board of Welsh Cycling, Nick Smith, today praised the Tool and said: “We’ve been really impressed by what the tool offers to clubs in testing.

“It’s free of charge for affiliated clubs, so it’s only going to be an advantage for club administrators and secretaries, even as an addition to their existing websites. We’re looking forward to encouraging clubs to adapt the tool to their needs and make every of use it.

“Credit must go to British Cycling for their work to create a tool designed specifically to make life easier for clubs and secretaries and we’re delighted to have been invited to be a part of the consultation process."

The Tool is launched in beta version, with more detailed benefits including:

- New Club-finder

- Website Manager

- Club Membership Manager

- Newsletter Manager

- Instant Messaging

- Club Activity Manager

- Online Affiliation

- Access to Useful Resources

More details can be found on the British Cycling pages.

Any clubs wishing to find out whether they are eligible for access to the Club Management Tool can contact Welsh Cycling.

Full instructions and support on how to use the Tool is offered direct by British Cycling.