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Sportive Training Plans - the rest week is over

Sportive Training Plans - the rest week is over

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We hope you’re keeping up to date with the . It may also be an opportunity to catch up if you missed the first issue just a few weeks ago. We’ll be here week on week to give you a snap shot as to what’s coming and hopefully offer a little support along the way.

Week six next week, and the rest week feels like an age ago. You are now in a cycle of serious training. During this four week block the sessions will be steadily building your endurance with tempo and threshold sessions.

During this phase the weather will no doubt be getting colder. A tip from British Cycling Olympic Development Programme athlete Tao Geoghegan-Hart:

"When riding in the hills, keep a rain cape in your jersey pocket. This will allow you to stay warm when descending a hill; protecting your core from getting chilled. You can put it back in your pocket once you get back up to full speed on the flat" “I always take a cape even if there is no rain forecast, it has saved my bacon a number of times.”

When descending hills remember to:

- Look forwards, using your peripheral vision to be aware of other riders and road users around you.

- Pick a line on the descent which will limit the amount of movement required, taking the smoothest line around potholes and debris in the road.

- Keep your upper body strong and your arms relaxed. Any nerves or tension in your arms will be translated to the bike, making your descent uncomfortable both physically and mentally.

Keep yourself motivated in your training, safe in the knowledge that you are building the fitness for the best British Cycling sportive season yet.

More coaching information can be found in the British Cycling Sportive Training Plans as part of your member benefit.

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