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The Crossrider is coming to Leicestershire and Rutland this September

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Event: 1 September 2013
Location: Oakham, Rutland

New for 2013 is Leicestershire and Rutland's first cyclocross sportive, giving you the chance to discover parts of east Leicestershire and west Rutland you didn't know existed.

Taking in a combination of off-road tracks, bridleways and green lanes, this event can be ridden on a cyclocross bike or mountain bike as it mixes the two disciplines. The surfaces vary from reasonable tarmac to grass to hard and uneven surfaces with the odd brook thrown in. It is unsuitable for a road bike, unless you like falling off and shopping for new wheels.

The event is fully signposted as usual, with maps and GPS provided, although as ever with an off road event, some navigation will be required. We will have mechanics within the event, but again this will not be so easy to provide off road, so some degree of self sufficiency is required.

The routes have been planned to be challenging without the prospect of walking through mud for hours. Most of the route is hard surface of varying quality or close to it. As always, the event has chip timing and feedstations along the way.

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