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Runway Rumble cleared for takeoff

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Eastgate Runway Rumble
Event: 28 June 2013

Eastgate Cycles Gloucester will be holding an event on the 28 June 2013.   

It's a Friday evening and starts at 8.00pm finishing at midnight.  It is called the Eastgate Runway Rumble as it takes place on Gloucester Airport Staverton.

The premise is quite simple, we're asking how far can you go in four hours? 70, 80, 90 miles or is 100+ miles possible?  We just don't know. 

Individual and Team categories as sometimes the way to achieve good mileage is by working in teams and taking advantage of slipstreaming. 

The event will cost £30 per individual and you can register online using British Cycling calendar.

But what is included?

  • Full electronic lap timing will be provided
  • 1st aid support
  • A pit lane repair service will be available
  • Spare parts and nutrition stands will be set up trackside 
  • Toilet facilities provided
  • Water refilling station
  • A nice commemorative goodie bag will be provided at the finish

What makes this event more special is you can bring supporters as viewing is possible from the Aviator Inn and trackside at the exclusive Flying Shack. They will fence off an area right down to the track side. Both venues will be staying open passed 1.00am for a celebratory post ride drink. 

For further information please visit www.eastgatecycles.co.uk

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