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Top 5 benefits of training

Top 5 benefits of training

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Make your New Year’s Resolution to and get on board with the . Following a structured and progressive training routine will bring you a whole array of benefits.

Daily routine
Once you’re in the sportive training plan you will be in a routine. Life will be arranged around training and structure will fall into place week after week. Family and friends will start to understand the process, see the benefits and it’ll become easier as time goes on.

Better sleep
Once you have your routine and you are cycling more often your sleep pattern will improve. This is because you have healthily stressed your muscles and they need time to recover, sending you away into a deep natural sleep.

Better diet
After you have had your initial gains through cycling more, you will become aware of your eating habits and changing these inline with your cycling training. By doing this you may lose some weight or become better at recovery from exercise.

Better moods
Exercise increases those good feeling endorphins, after a ride you will take a shower and feel great. The more your exercise the more you will experience these good feelings.

Social group
After a while of training on your own you will be fitter, lost some weight, and maybe getting a little bored. There will be many cycling groups in your area or you could start your own with British Cycling. You’ll be doing what you love and making friends into the bargain.

By taking to your bike and following the British Cycling Sportive Training Plan, you won’t just become a stronger cyclist but also a healthier, happier and more social person.