Sportive Training Plans - Higher, Lower! Lower, Higher!

Sportive Training Plans - Higher, Lower! Lower, Higher!

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We hope you’re keeping up to date with the . It may also be an opportunity to catch up if you missed the first issue just a few weeks ago. We’ll be here week on week to give you a snap shot as to what’s coming and hopefully offer a little support along the way.

You have to create a lower low to have a higher high. Week 7 of the British Cycling Sportive Training Plans (November 12) is a sustained effort to deplete your energy stores prior to another rest week.

With incremental increases in training load, week on week, you are fatiguing your body. Reaching its tolerance for exercise will lead to a short term decrease in performance; but don’t worry. To gain the most from your rest week you need to push the body hard, with muscle energy depletion the body will adapt and fill the void left by training in the rest week starting on November 19. This will give your body the chance to adapt and improve.

Remember when preparing for and riding in hard sessions:

- Use music before a session that triggers positive emotions. By listening to music that triggers positive emotions you will be more motivated to push harder in training. Leave the music at home before you start the session if it is on the road, don’t take it on a ride.

- Read the session plan carefully and understand the effort you are going to be doing. Commit to the session and do not trick the mind into thinking you can roll easily around. If you cannot give a session 100% effort then don’t do it.

- Take time after a hard session to enjoy the effort you have just achieved. Take pride in achieving this small win on the way to bigger things.

So motivate, concentrate, and take pride in your training. Remembering in the hard times; that a lower low will give you a higher high for the sportive season.

More coaching information can be found in the British Cycling Sportive Training Plans as part of your member benefit.

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