Bike Bath promises a weekend of cycling activities in and around historic city

Bike Bath promises a weekend of cycling activities in and around historic city

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Event: 22-24 July 2012
Location: Various, Bath

A weekend of cycling activities in and around the beautiful City of Bath

The team at Bike Bath is delighted to announce details of their "Celebration of Cycling" evening on 22nd June at the Bath Pavilion which will launch the inaugural cycling festival in Bath this summer. The evening which will allow some riders to check-in and collect their timing chips ahead of their Saturday rides will involve some great speakers and fantastic food.

Bike Bath will be a fitting climax at the end of National Bike Week and will see Bath host a range of events which will attract large numbers of enthusiastic cyclists to the city.

Like many sporting occasions, a pasta supper will be ideal preparation for one of the Saturday or Sunday rides of 30, 60 and 100 miles but only in Bath will you find the supper prepared by Rob Clayton, Bath's very own Michelin starred chef, and a keen cyclist. He will be preparing a pasta supper for riders on Friday evening and after the rides on Saturday and Sunday.

To accompany Rob's pasta delights, on Friday 22nd June Rob Penn journalist, TV presenter and author of It’s All About the Bike: the Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels, a Sunday Times bestseller, will share some topical and humorous thoughts on where cycling is today.

Rob will be followed onto the platform by Ben Rockett, the ultra endurance athlete, who is currently completing a PhD at Bath University. Ben holds the cycling world record for Land’s End – John O’Groats – Land’s End, having ridden the 1800 mile return journey in 5 days and 21 hours. He is the author of “There and Back: Breaking the LEJOGLE record”. Later this year he is competing at the UMCA 24 hour world championships in California when he hopes to ride over 540 miles in 24 hours. In order to create an iconic ride “Bath Gladiator” will be a title awarded to those Bike Bath riders who complete both 100 mile rides over 2 days which will seem like a stroll in the park to our Ben!!! Other speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

A number of other awards have been created for the Bike Bath including: "Bath Centurion" being those riders who complete the 100 mile ride on one of the days.

"Bath Legionnaire" awards will be presented to the business team, organisation, school and official bike club which enters the most riders in to the Bike Bath event.

The event is being developed by Aquaterra Leisure and Breathingspace Live, a Bath based events business. Richard Best, who is behind the event added,

"Bike Bath is much, much more than a series of rides in and out of Bath. It is weekend which will demonstrate how much fun can be had from cycling. Of course completing the 30 mile "Cyclescheme" Commuter Challenge will be an achievement for many as will becoming a Bath Gladiator by covering the 200 miles in 2 days but the Friday night will be a unique launch occasion not only because Rob Clayton's pasta supper will be fantastic but also because our speakers will have some terrific tales to tell."

Bike Bath riders can register for the pasta supper when they book on line and will have free entry to "Celebration of Cycling" speaking event at the Bath Pavilion. All details can be found at the Bike Bath website or e-mail the Bike Bath team at

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