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Kilo To Go Recce Wild Edric

Updated: 17th August 2010

Latest News - 103 Mile Route

The organisers did a rideover review of the 103 miles Verenti Wild Edric route and what a cracking route the 2010 version is as riders will discover on 5th September. What turned out to be one of toughest 2009 sportives has softened up slightly in all the right ways. Introduced to the route are wider, but not busier, roads so riders can now safely let the brakes go on some of the descents. KILO TO GO set off from the SPARC centre HQ in the sleepy town of Bishops Castle covering most of the 58 mile route option first.

Then it's a right turn at Montgomery along the flat, wide roads along the side of the River Severn through the sleepy welsh town of Kerry/Ceri. Then it's up to the source of the River Mule and a massive long descent of 12.5 miles into Knighton. This is another long, safe 'brakes-off' cruise along Welsh side of the Teme Valley. Halfway along this section is the second feedstation at Felindre. The final undulating section takes rider back to the finish via Clun, Clun Forest and Craven Arms.
The guys at KILO TO GO reckon this route has got something for everyone - challenging climbs, flat wide section, moorland, forests, leafy valleys etc etc. There are two optional 'deviations'. The first takes a bit of toughness out and is for 58 and 103 mile option riders not wish to tackle the stonking great climb of Long Mynd. The other cuts out mileage at Clun forest for those whose legs are beginning to buckle on the 103 mile route.

The 12.5 mile descent on the long route! At 63 miles, you arrive at the top of the Kerry Hill climb, the last of the 3 major climbs on the long route. Without doubt there's some spectacular scenery from this point, but even more intersting is the 12.5 mile descent. Yes, that's right we did say "12.5 mile descent". The descent starts off fast but then you need to apply the brakes for a few tight corners. After that, it's pretty much up to you! Five miles, from the top of Kerry Hill you arrive at the second feed station of the day - Felindre Village Hall. From there, you take a gradual downhill almost in to Knighton. Just before Knighton there's a little climb, but having just completed 12.5 miles of descent, following the English / Welsh border along the River Teme, you're sure to still keep a very happy grin on your face. We chain-ganged this section - simply awesome!


The much revised 2010 route is set amid Shropshire's Stretton Hills and the Welsh Marches. Named after a local folk legend, the ride is fast becoming a legend in its own lifetime, and although set in the West Midlands, you might be surprised how remote open and wild the countryside is - so close to the heart of England. It's a beautiful but hilly route - at a spectacular 1,600 feet the climb up to Boiling Well on Long Mynd which has become a legend in its own right.

Wild Edric takes place on Sunday 5th September, with a leisurely 9am start. To enter, sign up at