Event: Burgess Hill 1066 Sportive

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Event: Burgess Hill 1066 Sportive

Posted: 14th June 2010 | Event: 4th July 2010

The next event in the SRS Events 2010 Cyclosportive series is the Burgess Hill 1066 Cyclosportive on Sunday the 4th July.

Four fabulously undulating courses have been designed for entrants to enjoy the magnificent, rural and scenic areas of the Weald-like Ashdown Forest and the area known locally as '1066 Countryside' due to its connotations with the Battle of Hastings.

Burgess Hill hosts the start and finish of this cyclosportive with its headquarters at the Oakmeeds College School. This central point in the town for the HQ offers great facilities that all Cyclosportive warriors require, like plenty of toilets, Changing rooms, showers, canteen, secure bag drop area to name a few. A great place to commence battle on
this Cyclosportive.

There four Routes to choose from on the 1066 Cyclosportive:

Classic ride @ 104 miles (166km)
Challenge @ 85 miles (136km)
Tour ride @ 66 miles ( 106km )
Kermesse ride @ 35 miles (56km)

The premier ride on the 1066 cyclosportive is the Classic ride which at 104 miles tackles the rolling road of the South Downs, Lower Weald and the beautiful wooded lanes of the Ashdown Forest.

The Classic route at 104 miles is a tough mission for any cyclosportive warrior. All weapons available in the cyclosportive riders arsenal such as speed, endurance, strength and fortitude of mind must be available in great quantity to conquer the Classic ride of the 1066 Cyclosportive.

Although none of the routes are mountainous there are a few climbs to tackle, most notable is the short but steep climb of Cob Lane which is close to the end of all the rides. When riders clamber to the top of Cob Lane they will be relieved to know there is only 12 miles to go. Cob Lane hill should have every entrant conserving just a little bit of leg weaponry for this cleat breaking ascent. Cob Lane averages 20% gradient and those that have ridden the SRS Events Springtime Classic in March will no doubt have the pain of Cob Lane embedded in their brain's pain receptors and will
come prepared with even easier gears just in case. Easy gears such as 34x25 or at least 39x25 are recommended to avoid any chances of taking the cleat breaking walk of shame that so many others have taken before on this hill.

Those that prefer to enter the lesser distances of the 1066 cyclosportive don't escape dragging their weary carcasses up Cob Lane either, as all the riders on all four routes have to climb Cob Lane. All routes are supported by mechanics, medical emergency staff, excellent feed stations and broom wagons to pick riders up and get them back to the HQ if things don't go quite to plan. On finishing riders will receive their time digitally calculated by SPORTident along with a certificate proving that they are true cyclosportive warriors who finished the 2010 1066 cyclosportive.

Cyclosportive Warriors definitely need rewarding immediately after battling their way to victory, so after collecting their certificates and receiving a record of the time they achieved for their ride, riders will then receive a 1066 Cyclosportive goodie bag. As well as this all riders are then invited to enjoy the free food put on by SRS Events. If that wasn't enough there will be a large screen showing cycling films for riders to enjoy while they tuck into their free meal.

Those travelling by car to the event will have the benefit of free parking in the centre of the town which is only 5 minutes away from the HQ. The Burgess Hill train Station is also only 5 minutes walk away from the HQ, although riders should check with the train company they are using to make sure travelling with bikes on a Sunday is possible.

The closing date for this event is the 27th June 2010 and it is recommended to enter as soon as possible to avoid the late entry fee. The late entry fee will be charged after the closing date should there be places left.

Entry fee is £26 before the 27th June.
Late entry fee is £30 after the 28th June.

To find out how to enter follow the link below http://www.srs-events.cc/event3/how-to-enter-htm

This event along with other events that SRS Events organise is raising funds for the Sussex Heart Charity.