Amended Cornwall Tor Routes Announced

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Amended Cornwall Tor Routes Announced

Event: 16th May 2010 | Posted: 4th May 2010 | Source: Kilo To Go

Kilo To Go, organisers of the Verenti Cornwall Tor have recently released details of the amended routes for the 2010 Cornwall Tor. The site has been updated to include precise feedstation locations and route amends, to avoid badly potholed sections following our dreadful winter.

Here's what organisers have to say about the main course, 103 mile option:

"The long route option is the only true coast to coast one day cyclosportive in the UK - you'll visit ITV Doc Martin's picturesque Port Isaac on the Atlantic coast and then, eventually, idyllic Looe on the English Channel. Before, after and in between there is mile after mile of gorgeous and peaceful Cornish countryside. There's more - we've looked very closely at the routes, the roads and terrain. With safety and enjoyment in mind and by keeping the best and most popular parts from past Tors we have added some exciting new territory to the routes. This has also made the ride accessible to a wider range of participants. There's now a more gentle run-in to the finish to help wind riders down rather than up! Another improvement is that with many hundreds of riders on the road a general move to clearer, wider but not busier roads. Compared to previous Tors, after riding the 2010 Tor we think you're going to feel less like you have just done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson or given birth to triplets - two genuine comparisons from previous Tor survivors incidentally. Do remember, it's virtually impossible to have anything but a seriously tough cycling challenge in Cornwall due to it's spectacularly hilly terrain."

Follow the links below for details of the three routes available:

Short - 44 miles - Route Map
Medium - 73 miles - Route Map
Long - 103 miles - Route Map

For full details of the Verenti Cornwall Tor, go here: