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The Verenti KILO TO GO Sportives

Posted: 28th December 2009 | Source: KILO TO GO

Throughout 2010 cyclosportive riders will have the opportunity to embark on some of the most challenging Sportives in the UK calendar: The Verenti KILO TO GO Sportives. ‘Verenti’ is a new and very exciting bike brand being launched this year with a particular focus on the Sportive scene: a unique combination of performance, design, comfort and speed. We are delighted to welcome one of the newest names in UK road cycling to join us as organisers of the KILO TO GO Sportives: now “The Verenti KILO TO GO Sportives”.

The name may have changed but the route, the support, the attention to detail, the countryside and of course, the legendary enthusiasm of the rider community are just some of the key elements that will remain strong hallmarks of KILO TO GO’s event organisation.. The bikes – which will be available in March exclusively from - are expected to be a big feature of the UK sportive and road bike scene in coming years and we think the attention to detail shown by the Verenti owner’s mirrors the attention to detail that goes in to all aspects of our KILO TO GO Sportives.

The Verenti KILO TO GO Sportives 2010

  • The Cheshire Cat Sunday 28th March
  • Cornwall Tor Sunday 16th May
  • Flatout in the Fens Sunday 27th June
  • Wild Edric Sunday 5th September
  • The Rut Sunday 3rd October
  • Tour of the Peak Saturday 30th October

Further background on the Verenti Brand Cyclists are passionate about their sport – and even more passionate about the bikes they ride. In few sports do participants take such pride, interest and involvement in their equipment, but to a cyclist a bike is more than just a bike, it is an extension of themselves and their individual personality. Those of us who have worked to create Verenti understand this. Verenti are cyclists as well as bike designers and we are creating an exciting new bike brand which has its roots in the Latin and old English words for 'Truth'. All the bikes that carry the Verenti name to be launched in the coming months and years will share three common qualities. First, they will be designed bottom-up for performance in whatever domain: sportive riding, road racing, TT or Cyclocross. Second, they will be characterised by the distinctive attention to detail that cyclist’s love: components, drive train, colour schemes, finish are all crucial to the overall package not an afterthought. Third, all the bikes will offer great value in terms of performance desired by enthusiastic cyclists at a price that can only be delivered through direct design and sourcing from the best manufacturers in the world. The truth is for those that choose Verenti bikes there should be no compromises. The first creation from the Verenti design team is a truly unique range of sportive bikes which reflect all the values highlighted above. The energy, enthusiasm and passion which have fuelled the creation of these sportive bikes means one thing: riders will love riding them as much as the team has loved developing them. The Verenti sportive bike range which covers entry level alloy models up to exclusive carbon lugged custom frame, all share special geometry design and specifications to ensure that during a 7 hour ride the last 30 minutes is as pleasurable as the first without compromising speed and race position. Available from March 2010, the Verenti Sportive range and the specially designed 'Me' components, will garner enthusiastic interest from riders of all ages and abilities. Whether a long-in-the-tooth sportive veteran or a novice looking to enter his/her first event, they will be drawn to a bike from the Verenti range. Attention to detail, high standards of design, dedication and commitment have never faltered in preparing the Verenti bike range. Countless hours have been spent researching, developing, designing and testing each and every model. The love of cycling permeates everything and the design team wants to ensure that the Verenti bike exceeds customers' expectations time and time again. The Verenti Brand is thrilled to be sponsoring the KILO TO GO events throughout 2010 with test rides and demonstrations available at each ride.