Preview: Wild Edric Sportive

Preview: Wild Edric Sportive

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Preview: Wild Edric Sportive

Event: 9th August 2009

Brand new event on the cyclosportive calendar for 2009 is the mysteriously named Wild Edric - a cyclosportive event in Shropshire and the Marches taking place on Sunday 9th August.

Above: You have been warned - Shropshire is seriously hilly

"This part of Shropshire is shrouded in legend, folklore and mystery. It's also especially mysterious to cyclists in a way because lots of us just don't realise what great cycling terrain is on offer in this part of Shropshire" KILO TO GO's organisers told us. Using many roads, lanes and climbs not previously used in other cyclosportives, Wild Edric, named after a local folk legend, is set amid suitably legendary countryside: Shropshire and the Welsh Marches. A land of myths and folk tales, the area is not only beautiful but hilly; very hilly in fact. The organisers at KILO TO GO are confident that the Long Mynd climb will become a legend in its own right. Although the area itself is hilly the ride is another enjoyable yet challenging cyclosportive with something for everyone - Shady wooded valleys, long steady climbs, forested hillsides, pretty villages with country pubs, all taking place on mysteriously traffic free roads - well almost. There are two route options of 97 or 68 miles and due to the shape of the courses you are never really that far from the HQ.

Above: Consider yourself doubly warned... What is it about road signs like this that attracts sportive riders like moths to a flame?

The organisers also wanted to tell us about just one of the climbs, Asterton Bank "Not only is Asterton Bank one of Britain's ruff-tough climbs but it's also spectacular too" said KILO TO GO's organisers. "It's a long 1 in 4 climb which points up to the gliders on top of the Mynd like a finger. To the right The Long Mynd rises above you and to the left it drops away as you climb revealing stunning views over the Marches into mid-Wales as you look over your left shoulder. Truly breathtaking (if you have any left at this point)! "

Wild Edric, along with all KILO TO GO events, is fully insured by British Cycling and offers the rider support that you would expect from a 'top-end' cyclosportive. Top-notch HQ's with changing and shower facilities. We have Star massage for post ride recovery, well stocked and safely located feed-stations with first aid kits, pumps and tools as well as knowledgeable crew. NEG motorcycle safety officers and rider support from Velo29 to keep your ride moving along safely. Transponder timing and professional photography come as standard too.

If you are traveling over there is lots of affordable accommodation in and around the pretty little event headquarters town of Bishop's Castle - worth a visit in its own right. For more details this link is useful

This hilly cyclosportive takes you through what genuinely has to be some of the most glorious British countryside. Quiet roads and lots of ‘why-don't-I-live-here?' villages. Major climbs include Bishop's Moat, Asterton Bank (The Long Mynd), Stretton Hills, Castle Hill, Stiperstones, Marton Hill (Long Mountain). This particular part of the country is also known as the 'Secret County' and is now opened up to cyclosportive riders by Wild Edric.

For more event information and entry details click here