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Cycling Crazy - Prologue

We introduce a new regular column, Cycling Crazy, in which our correspondent, Phil Julian, explores why the wonderful sport of Road cycling grabs us and becomes such an essential part of our lives.

I'm Crazy for D109138520!

November 7 2009, by Phil Julian

So are you ‘cycling crazy'? You're at least ‘cycling interested' or you wouldn't have found your way here. There's certainly no denying that more of us Brits are now riding our bikes further, sometimes faster and more often. Why? Maybe it's to get to work; to get out more with the kids; to be healthy; to beat your mates in the café sprint; perhaps ‘cos you were chuffed at being called "Cavendeesh" (the day after Cav. won Milan - San Remo), by your Italian cycling guide wearing white shorts and leg warmers. Only an Italian could get away with wearing White Shorts and Legwarmers; and six months later, I'm still chuffed!!

Tell Me Why You're "Cycling Crazy!"

Anyhow, whatever the reason you ride, I'd like to hear from you. This is the start of a regular column in which I'll be exploring why we ride our bikes and why we get such a buzz from it. So drop me me an email (phil@cyclingcrazy.co.uk) telling me why you ride; why you're ‘Cycling Crazy', and the web editor will pop a copy of William Fotheringham's new biography of Fausto Coppi, Fallen Angel, in the post for the most original entertaining reply received.

The Mystery of D109138520

So what about D109138520? In the words of the well-known antipodean bearded artiste - "Can you tell what it is yet"? If you can crack the 'code', drop me me an email (phil@cyclingcrazy.co.uk) and let me know what D1019138520 is and why it might be significant. Here's a clue: Join me for the start of a journey that's going to be challenging but rewarding. We're going to get some help on the way. When we get to where we're going, you'll know that it's been worth it. When family and friends find out what you're up to, some of them will say you're ‘cycling crazy'. Just tell them you're doing it with a bloke who currently weighs 81 kilograms, has a knackered neck and who was born in the year that Louison Bobet won his last Tour de France and if he can do it.........so can I!

You don't have to be ‘Cycling Crazy' but it helps. There will be more from Phil very soon!