Volunteers:In Focus-October 2021

Volunteers:In Focus-October 2021


We are making 2021 the Year of the Volunteer and shining a light on the brilliant work volunteers do for all forms of cycling across the home nations. We want to acknowledge the huge contribution volunteers make to cycling and recognise the wide variety of roles undertaken to activate, support, lead, and deliver at all levels. 

Each month, we are taking nominations from across the regions and home nations. If you think someone deserves a mention, get in touch on social media with your respective regional or national teams or via @BCCoaches on Twitter. 

Following an inspirational summer of cycling, as spectators and participants, the appetite for cycling activity is ever growing and our volunteers are key to maintaining the momentum.

A huge thank you and well done to all that have been nominated in October 2021 for their ongoing commitment to our sport and to those who may have volunteered for the first time have engaged new riders in their clubs, activities, or groups. Thank you from everyone at British Cycling, and from our community.

Name: Jane Gott

Region: East Midlands, covering: Derby; Nottingham, and Leicester

Role and/or Qualifications: HSBC UK Guided Rides and Breeze leader

Jane joined the HSBC UK Guided Ride programme back in 2020 and spent no time at all getting her first ride under her belt. Since then Jane has gone on to become a key ride leader volunteer within the region leading rides for both Breeze and Guided Ride programmes across Leicester, Derby and Nottingham. In addition to this, Jane also leads regular Ride Socials as part of FLAB initiative which further demonstrates Janes desire to get more people cycling and cycling more frequently.

A thank you to the Breeze Derby Group who initially pointed Jane in the direction of the Ride Leader programmes and were so supportive in getting Jane active as a ride leader providing such a positive atmosphere.

British Cycling Value: Passion

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Name: Paul Dean, Ila Pearson, and Lee Heron

Region: Central

Role and/or Qualifications: Paul is the president of Banbury Star CC. Ila Pearson and Lee Heron are two of the club’s coaches

Banbury Star are a fantastic club, and have been doing wonderful things in their local community for some time. During the first local lockdown the club’s president, Paul Dean, did something incredible – he set up a scheme to deliver prescriptions to vulnerable Banbury residents who were unable to leave their homes during Covid restrictions.

Within the first couple of weeks, volunteers from Banbury Star delivered 185 prescriptions and clocked up over 630 miles of riding! More recently, Banbury Star have restarted their Rising Stars youth riding section. Ila Pearson and Lee Heron have been leading this work, using the new places to ride-funded facility at Upper Boddington to introduce children to the world of cycling, and develop their off-road riding skills. This was a big step for both, as they had only recently trained as coaches and were a little nervous about delivering their first sessions. But they did fantastically, lots of kids attended and clearly had a great time – the Rising Stars programme is now up and running on a monthly basis at Boddington, with plans to run weekly sessions after school in Banbury as well. We saw a lovely example of the impact this scheme can have when Banbury hosted the finish of stage one of this year’s Women’s Tour of Britain. Unsurprisingly, Banbury Star riders were out in force, and got involved in some finish line racing that was delivered for children from local schools. Some of the girls who took part left determined to one day become professional cyclists themselves! To help them on their way, we’ve been able to sign post them to Banbury Star’s Rising Star programme. Who knows, one day we might see a rider on a Tour of Britain or Olympic podium who can trace their success all the way back to that initial support and encouragement they received from this wonderful club.

British Cycling Values: Passion, Innovation

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Name: David Dixon

Region:  Yorkshire (Leeds)

Role and/or Qualifications: Ride Leader, and Community Family Cycling Event Volunteer

David has been volunteering with British Cycling over the last few years, mainly at the Lets Ride City event. Over summer David was heavily involved in all the Summer of Cycling events in Leeds and I can honestly say i don't know what I would have done without him!! David threw himself into every task and event with such fun and enthusiasm and this helped with the success of all the events. As a result of this involvement David has now trained to be a ride leader and continues to support all the Pop-up style events in Leeds.

David has been helping mainly at the new cycle hub in Cross Flatts Park Leeds, enabling Pop-up style events, balance bike sessions and Pop-up events at The Borwnlee Centre.

Carrine Green, Leeds Partnership Community Activator said of David "I don't know what I would have done without David over the Summer of Cycling, nothing was too much trouble and he brought so much fun, enthusiasm and warmth to all of the events. I'm so happy that David has continued to volunteer and become a ride leader, her will be a huge asset to the team.

David clearly has a passion for helping others to cycle no matter what ability or age they are. At every event he has been involved with I have seem him have so much patience with the children in the fun zone at Pop-up and riding with the adults to give them confidence cycling again. He works so well as a team with all the other volunteers and he will get stuck into any job!!"

British Cycling Values: Unity; Passion

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Name: Clive Waine and Nancy Waine

Region: North West, Guided Rides in Merseyside.

Role and/or Qualifications: Guided Ride Leaders

Brother and Sister Guided Ride Leader duo Nancy and Cliff are both wonderful volunteers leaders who lead a fantastic range of entry level, encouraging rides across the county. Nancy is a dedicated long-time Guided Ride Leader for British Cycling in addition to all her day job work with Cycling Projects. Cliff is her brother who trained up last year as a leader and has thrown himself into the role with enthusiastic abandon. As a pair they lead together, inspiring others with great routes, excellent cafe stops and lots of smiles and laughter.

British Cycling Values: Unity; Passion

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Name: Alan Kingshott

Region: South: Solent Pirates Youth Cycling Club

Role and/or Qualifications: Club Coach, supporting events, maintaining club equipment

Congratulations to Alan Kingshott who is our British Cycling South Region September Volunteers: In Focus Winner.

With 19 separate nominations, it is clear Alan has made an impact! Alan coaches at Solent Pirates and coaches the young group at the cycling club. He ensures new riders become enthused about cycling and “coaches every week without failure”, says many nominations. Many children are disappointed when they have to move on from Alan’s sessions but not before Alan has ensured the children are enjoying riding bikes and have the confidence to progress through the sport. When Alan is not coaching, he can be seen at races encouraging riders, and even maintaining the clubs bikes!

Solent Pirates Parents said of Alan:

'“He certainly enhanced my own children's love of cycling and sense of belonging with a big focus on fun”

"Watching Alan coach is like watching magic happen. The children love his sessions and their skill progression is effortless and out of this world. Alan is highly skilled, selfless and inspirational!"

British Cycling Values: Unity; Passion, Integrity 

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Name: The entire South East Accredited Marshall Scheme cohort of 2021

Region: South East

Role and/or Qualifications: Accredited Marshall Scheme

The British Cycling South East cohort of Accredited Marshalls have been ably led again this season by Andy Milner and Bob Smith.

The team managed to successfully attend and provide cover for 40 road races across the region which equated to 100% coverage on EVERY SINGLE road race, which is a monumental achievement, even more so when coming back to their role off the back of the covid hiatus period. We've seen new marshals step up into lead roles, we've seen NEG and Commissaire role holders muck in and support and it's been a fantastic collective effort. Both Phil (REO) and the regional board are indebted to their commitment this season I wish them all a well deserved break over the winter.

The Accredited Marshal Scheme embodies team spirit and camaraderie whereby no individual is greater than the sum of it's part however, Phil would like to give an honorable mention to both Adrian Riddle & Alastair Peebles who have both made 14 and 10 appointments respectively. Considering it was a 20 race season this level of dedication deserves a special vote of thanks.

Along with our commissaire and National Escort Group team, our AMS are invaluable to safeguarding our sport and we hope to have more people join the south east AMS community in 2022.

The 43 Strong AMS marshal team who've supported us across this season include:

Adrian Riddle, Alastair Peebles, Andrew Milner, Andrew Pearson, Andrew Springham, Austin Reynolds, Bob Smith, Carol Golsby, Chris Jarvis, Chris Knight, Chris Wood, Colin Woollard, Darrell Pembroke, Darren Goode, Dave Ladkin, David Light, David Napier, Dik Morling, George Cory, George Katsarelis, Gideon Ransley, Iebe Ypma, Jim Kerr, John Nelson, Jon Masters, Karl Fuhrmann, Malachy McNally, Marcel Rizza, Martin Guest, Mary Benner, Matthew Whitaker, Michael Draper, Mike Howell, Paul Wheeler, Peter Lloyd, Philip Pawley, Ray Styles, Russel Cottingham, Sam Goodge, Shaun Williams, Simon Goodwin, Steve Airey, Steve Parker, Tony Steaman, Trevor Davis.

British Cycling Values: Unity; Passion

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Name: Alex Shore and Lewsi Barnes

Region: Coach, and Assistant Coach

Role and/or Qualifications: West Midlands, Birmingham BMX

This month we have seen an overwhelming amount of nominations, especially for these two! Both have been widely praised for their ability to make riders feel welcome, for their kindness and positive outlook, for their willingness to help all riders improve regardless of their ability and for making Birmingham BMX a really FUN place for kids to go.

Parents of Birming BMX Riders said of Alex:

"Alex is a BMX dad who has become coach to probably at least 100 kids at Birmingham BMX club. He is at the track 3 or 4 times a week. When he's not there he is on the clubs WhatsApp groups advising and helping parents find bikes, kits and sorting coaching groups."

"Alex's (and entire family's) selfless commitment and endless enthusiasm towards coaching the kids is truly inspiring, he is the main reason the club is as good as it is and a credit to British Cycling!."

"Lewis is a great support system for our two children. He really spurs them on and gives them great advice. He also is used for the demonstrations and the boys really take note of what he does"

British Cycling Values: Passion, Integrity

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Volunteers: In Focus - September 2021

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