Development Crit Series to be launched in 2022

Development Crit Series to be launched in 2022

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With the huge boom in people taking up cycling during the COVID-19 pandemic, Scottish Cycling is aiming to support the development of all new riders who are looking to get into racing.

The Women’s Road Race Advisory Group have proposed that a closed circuit race series would be a great way of developing entry level riders and existing 4th category riders alike, an idea that we’re keen to make a reality.

It has been suggested that the series would consist of four to five weekend races, spread throughout 2022, with separate 4th cat races for both men and women; these races could stand alone, or be included into a wider day of racing. This series aims to grow the pool of both men and women who participate in closed circuit races and road races, supporting their introduction to racing and future development in the sport in a welcoming manner.

Of the prospect of an entry level series, Scottish Cycling’s Events Manager, and former national champion, Julie Erskine said:

“Establishing a development circuit race series will be an excellent way to support newer riders and create appropriate racing opportunities for all riders.  I really hope this will lead to positive race experiences for all who take part.  I would definitely have taken part in a series like this back when I was starting out racing!  We need to grow the sport and this development series will form part of the pathway from beginner through to elite.”

“We are keen to hear from any clubs and/or event organisers who feel they could host a round in this development series.”

If you think you could host a round of the series, or would like to know more, please contact to register your interest or have a further conversation.