More About Track Racing


More About Track Racing

Bikes: Track bikes are relatively simple, lacking the gears and brakes of their Road cousins. With bikes having a fixed wheel (forcing you to pedal continuously) the rider controls speed through pressure applied to the pedals. Bikes fall into two broad categories:

Upright bikes with conventional dropped handlebars, traditional spoked or carbon spoked wheels.  These bikes are used for bunch races, Keirin and Match Sprint.

Low-profile bikes, with extended "trathalon" style bars, allowing the rider to adopt a more aerodynamic position. Wheels are often four-spoked carbon or carbon disc.  Handling and manoeuvrability are sacrificed for aerodynamic efficiency. These bikes are used for Pursuit races and Kilo and 500m Time Trial.

Races: Track events can be split into two main types Sprint events, which generally last for less than two minutes and Endurance events which can be up to 40km in length.

Track Race Guide

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