Protection of Vulnerable Groups, Child Protection & Equality

Protection of Vulnerable Groups, Child Protection & Equality


Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG)

Scottish Cycling recommend that all people undertaking regulated work with a protected group complete a PVG application.

Scottish Cycling is able to help clubs with the administration of this process;

First a club must complete and sign a Secondary Organisation Contract with Scottish Cycling. This allows us to process applications from your club and send them to Volunteer Scotland. This form can be found in the download section below.

Once completed, forms should be emailed to the Scottish Cycling Welfare Team at

Advice and guidance can also be found in the downloads section below.

If you have any queries on the PVG process including; Eligibility or what constitutes regulated work, please contact the Scottish Cycling Welfare Team either by email or phone; 0141 554 6021

PVG Downloads

Secondary Organisation Contract

Identification Check Confirmation

Guidance Notes: Existing Member Application

Guidance Notes: Application to Join

Example Completed Form: Existing Member

Example Completed Form: Application to Join

Guidance Updates

Guidance Update 17-02-2018: Remedial Order 2018

Guidance Update 15-09-2017

Child Protection


Scottish Cycling Contact

Struan Hope, Scottish Cycling Welfare Team


Tel: 0141 554 6021

Emergency Situations


Tel: 999

Local Authority Social Work Contacts: Contact details for out of hours social work in each Local Authority can be accessed at

Additional Contacts for General Safeguarding Advice

Safeguarding in Sport Enquiry Line


Tel: 0141 419 1156


Tel: 0808 800 5000


Scottish Cycling is fully committed to ensuring that all cyclists, parents, coaches and officials have only positive experiences when participating in the sport.

Scottish Cycling, as part of British Cycling, has adopted the Policy and Procedures for the protection of Children and Vulnerable adults in cycling, copies of which can be downloaded below.

We have been working with Children 1st, Sportscotland and Respect Me to ensure that our child protection procedures and policies reflect current best practice following a Scottish Cycling Safeguarding Review in November 2015.

No matter what role you play in supporting the sport of cycling in Scotland it is important to familiarise yourself with the following key documents: -

  • Scottish Cycling responding to concerns flowchart  - here
  • Scottish Cycling Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy  - here
  • Scottish Cycling Code of Conduct - here
  • Child Protection Co-ordinator Job description - here

Child Protection Courses

Scottish Cycling requires all those working with children (i.e. coaches, judges, helpers and chaperones) within a club as well as those accompanying children on trips, regardless of whether in a paid capacity or as a volunteer, attend Child Protection courses organised through Sportscotland. Child Protection Training should be repeated every three years.

Safeguarding and Protecting Children - This is a three hour module, which is designed to raise awareness on issues surrounding the protection of children and young people within the sport and covers topics such as: duty of care, good/inappropriate practices, recognising signs and indicators of abuse, acceptable and unacceptable behavior, how to protect yourself as a coach and where to go for advice and help on how to deal with issues.

In Safe Hands – This is a 3-hour workshop for those in the role of child protection officer or board/commitee member at a sports club or governing body. Participants attending this workshop should have first attended a basic awareness course in child protection. This covers topics such as: roles & responsibilities, legal basis for protecting children, implementing guidelines, managing concerns and allegations and what is an 'Aware' or 'Safe' club.

Please note: Child Protection Officers must attend the Safeguarding & Protecting training before attending the In Safe Hands training.

Details of above courses and how to book on can be found here.


Equality is becoming a familiar concept in the media, but what exactly does it mean and what is its significance in the context of sport? Why is it relevant to Scottish Cycling and its members?Simply defined, equality is about fairness, including equality of opportunity. It means recognising and respecting cultural and social diversity. Being equitable means treating everyone fairly and according to their needs, which is not always the same thing as treating everybody the same.

Everyone involved in sport should be concerned with good practice, with fairness and inclusion, and with ensuring that opportunities to participate are fair for all, regardless of who we are, where we come from, what our beliefs or social backgrounds are. Being an equitable organisation is an essential prerequisite for government funding and it underlies Scottish Cycling's strategic objectives.

Equity Standard Information

Equality Policy

For any issues regarding Child Protection or Equality, please contact Scottish Cycling on 0141 554 6021

Equality in Sport

“Providing a wide range of equality-related material to assist all sporting organisations become more equitable and to provide a service to all sectors of the population.”

The Equality in Sport website carries a wide range of information from equality training, publications and resources - with a separate page for sport specific publications full of information and news to support people working to deliver sport that is open and welcoming to everyone.

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