TT: Wallace wins Aberdeen and District TT Championships


Location: Garlogie, Aberdeenshire
Event: 29 September 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Craig Wallace put down the fastest time on a grey but dry day in Garlogie as he took top spot in the Aberdeen and District TT Championships on Sunday.

Wallace headed up a one-two-three for Granite City RT as his time of 53:41 was enough to beat team-mates Keith Robertson and Veli-Matti Raikokonen.

Fastest youth was Ythan CC’s Jordan Stronach completed the course in 27:54 with Lewis Webster of Aberdeen Wheelers second with a time of 30:42.


1 Craig Wallace Granite City RT 00:52:28

2 Keith Robertson Granite City RT 00:53:41

3 Veli-Matti Raikkonen Granite City RT 00:55:42

4 Jonathan Hunter Aberdeen Wheelers CC 00:55:45

5 Stuart McCluskey 00:56:19

6 Lee Smith Aberdeen Wheelers CC 00:56:24

7 Robert Brown Sandy Wallace Cycles 00:56:29

8 Greg Quinn Deeside Thistle CC 00:57:24

9 Gareth Luce Moray Cycle Racing Team 00:57:59

10 Norman Skene Granite City RT 00:58:19

11 Mark Tandy Deeside Thistle CC 00:58:39

12 Malcolm Young Deeside Thistle CC 00:59:01

13 Zak Loney Team LFH 00:59:13

14 William Bavidge Ythan CC 01:00:12

15 Jonathan Anthony Deeside Thistle CC 01:00:15

16 Michael Giles Ythan CC 01:00:51

17 Malcolm Grant Ythan CC 01:00:53

18 Matthew Dieumegard-Thornton Sleaford Whls CC 01:01:43

19 Jayson Weale Aberdeen Wheelers CC 01:01:44

20 Rod Cowe Aberdeen Wheelers CC 01:01:58

21 Calum Cowie Deeside Thistle CC 01:02:24

22 Les Evans Deeside Thistle CC 01:02:46

23 Jean-Baptiste Pose Deeside Thistle CC 01:02:51

24 Julie Erskine Granite City RT 01:03:21

25 James Whyman Aberdeen Wheelers CC 01:03:53

26 Jacqueline Laing Deeside Thistle CC 01:04:43

27 Colin Allanach Ythan CC 01:05:13

28 Iain Pritchard Deeside Thistle CC 01:05:43

29 Bill Stephenson Deeside Thistle CC 01:06:28

30 Chloe Fraser Deeside Thistle CC 01:06:35

31 Stephen Walton Deeside Thistle CC 01:06:48

32 Jennie McColl Aberdeen Wheelers CC 01:07:28

33 John Hunter Aberdeen Wheelers CC 01:07:57

33 Brian Hatton SVTTA 01:09:01

34 Ed Rattray Elgin CC 01:11:44


1 Jordan Stronach Ythan CC 00:27:54

2 Lewis Webster Aberdeen Wheelers CC 00:30:42

3 Lewis Goodlad Ythan CC 00:31:23

4 Kirsten Knight Aberdeen Wheelers CC 00:35:58

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