TT: Riise cruises to Granite City 25 mile TT win


Location: Fordoun Village Hall, Aberdeenshire
Event: 26 May 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Carlos Riise (Shetland Wheelers) won the Granite City 25 mile time trial by nearly a minute and a half on this year’s Scottish 25 mile Championship course.

Riise, from the Shetland Islands, easily won in a time of 53 minutes 22 seconds in front of Robert Brown (Sandy Wallace Cycles) in second and Keith Robertson (Granite City RT) in third.

Lee Smith, Jonathan Hunter and Brendan McCabe won the team prize for Aberdeen Wheelers, 17 seconds in front of Granite City RT in second.

Riise’s team-mate at Shetland Wheelers, Christine MacLean was fastest of the women, clocking 58:59 and finishing 12th overall.


1 Carlos Riise (Shetland Wh) V 0:53:22
2 Robert Brown (Sandy Wallace Cycles) V 0:55:50
3 Keith Robertson (Granite City RT) V 0:56:01
4 Alan Mills (Sandy Wallace Cycles) S 0:56:56
5 Lee Smith (Aberdeen Wh) S 0:57:04
6 Jonathan Hunter (Aberdeen Wh CC) S 0:57:33
7 Brian Duncan (Granite City RT) 0:57:59
8 Brendan McCabe (Aberdeen Wh) V 0:58:00
9 Ian Condie (Dunfermline CC) V 0:58:28
10 Gregg Quinn (Deeside Thistle CC) V 0:58:30
11 Norman Skene (Granite City RT) 0:58:54
12 Christine MacLean (Shetland Wh) FV 0:58:59
13 Kevin Watson (Deeside Thistle CC) S 0:59:10
14 Neil Anderson (Deeside Thistle CC) V 0:59:34
15 John Blunsden (Deeside Thistle CC) V 0:59:50
16 Fiona Duncan (Ythan CC) F 0:59:52
17 Mark Tandy (Deeside Thistle CC) V 1:00:05
18 Brian Duncan (Granite City RT) S 1:00:59
19 Ian Grant (Deeside Thistle CC) V 1:01:26
20 Andy Duncan (Ythan CC) V 1:02:09
21 Steven Walton (Deeside Thistle CC) V 1:02:24
22 Anthony French (Ythan CC) S 1:02:28
23 Malcolm Young (Deeside Thistle CC) V 1:02:33
24 Gordon Smith (Deeside Thistle CC) V 1:02:36
25 Jordan Stronach (Ythan CC) YM 1:03:02
26 Conan Abel (Aberdeen Wh) CC S 1:03:49
27 Colin Sim (Aberdeen Wh) CC V 1:03:51
28 William Bavidge (Deeside Thistle CC) V 1:04:13
29 Robert McGraw (Deeside Thistle CC) V 1:04:41
30 James Reid (Dunfermline CC) V 1:04:59
31 Peter Forsyth (Forres CC) V 1:06:57
32 Simon Stromberg (Deeside Thistle CC) V 1:06:59
33 Julie Erskine (Granite City RT) 1:07:57
34 Stewart Mitchell (Deeside Thistle CC) V 1:09:27
35 Carol Middleton (Ythan CC) V 1:09:49
35 John Hunter (Aberdeen Wh CC) S 1:10:21

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