TT: Kelman caps season with 10 win


Location: Aberdeen, Scotland
Event: 16 September 2012
Report: Bob Gibson

Deeside Thistle’s Phil Kelman capped a great season at all distances (10 to 24 hours) against the clock with a course record for the AB10/9 horseshoe course based on the North and South Deeside roads.

Organiser Colin Sim’s classified formula attracted 85 entrants with a healthy clutch of Youths starting. Reserve list operated.

Danny Hedley (Discovery Jrs), a Youth “B” rider, Cat G winner, relinquished his Youth “B” award to Lewis Goodlad (Ythan CC) on a one rider one prize protocol.

Danny had an excellent sub-5 minute ride in the previous day’s hill climb. An excellent weekend for the young rider.

Westerly breezes meant a hard grind out to Crathes with the same breezes being favourable on the home leg along the scenic South Deeside Road.


1 Phil Kelman Deeside Thistle CC 20:48
2 Steve Cairns Perth Utd 21:23
3 Craig Wallace Granite City RT 21:34
4 Andrew Underwood Glasgow Whs 21:37
5 Liam Cowie Endura Pedal Power 21:49
6 Keith Robertson Granite City RT 22:00
7 Robert Brown Granite City RT 22:09
8 Veli Matti Raikonnen Granite City RT 22:10
9 Kelvin White Deeside Thistle CC 22:23
10 Ali Watt Granite City RT 22:25
11 BreCallum Finlayson Forres CC 22:39
12 Brendan McCabe Aberdeen Whs CC 22:40
13 Mike Spalding Deeside Thistle CC 22:51
14 Angus Wilson Dundee Th CC 22:53
15 Joe Nicolson Scalloway Fliers 22:54
16 Gregg Quinn Deeside Thistle CC 23:09
17 Ian Wilson Deeside Thistle CC 23:21
18 David Wards West Lothian Clarion 23:29
19 Derek Stewart Deeside Thistle CC 23:43
20 Andrew Harrington Deeside Thistle CC 23:45
Category Winners:
Cat A~ Phil Kelman Deeside Th CC 20:48
Cat B~ Liam Cowie Endura:Pedal Power 21:49
Cat C~ Gregg Quinn Deeside Th CC 23:09
Cat D~ Joe Nicolson Scalloway Fliers 22:54
Cat E~ Steve Walton Deeside Th CC 24:13
Cat F~ Bill Bavidge Ythan CC 25:08
Cat G~ Dan Hedley Discovery Jrs 25:05
Cat H~ Russ Craig Ythan CC 24:39
Youth “A” ~ Craig Ward Ythan CC 23:56
Youth “B”~ Lewis Goodlad Ythan CC 27:43
Youth “C”~ Luke Allan Ythan CC 35:39
1 Shelley Farrar 'Deeside Th CC 24:23 [48sec penalty]
2 Julie Erskine Aberdeen Whs 24:46
3 Jackie Laing Deeside Th CC 26:09
4 Becky Watson Deeside Th 26:15
5 Carol Middleton Ythan CC 26:52
6 Ellen Thornell Deeside Th CC 32:46
7 Yvonne Winter Ythan CC 33:31

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.