Report: Edinburgh Cycle Speedway Report No 11


Report: Edinburgh Cycle Speedway Report No 11

Posted: 14th June 2011

Article and images by: Thomas Lee

The Edinburgh Falcons pulled off their 3rd straight home Northern League win of the season today (12th June) against visitors Bury.

With the travellers arrivng in Edinburgh with arguably their strongest team in years to make the trip north and with the home side still missing the services of McPherson and Bandosz a tight match was expected. The final score line of Edinburgh 80, Bury 68 perhaps tells a different story but the match had plenty of passing and racing incidents to keep the spectators entertained. For Edinburgh Hewitson was only beaten once in his five rides to post a 19 point score and for Bury Luke Jamson top scored with 15.

The 2nd team match was a slightly tighter affair in terms of score and certainly no less competitive with several re-runs order by Referee Kennedy. The highlight being again the great progress of all the juniors on show for each team with the pick of the bunch being the 20 point five ride maximum from home star Michael Lee. Why he wasn't in the first team will remain a mystery.

Photos here-

Full Scores

1st Team

Edinburgh 80
Mikey Hewitson 19, Johnny Murphy 11+1, Craig Newsome 16+2, Gav Kennedy 11+1, Alan Smith 5+1, Jake Slight 17, Calum Slight 1, Mark Lee DNR

Bury 68
Ben Scranage 14, Luke Jamson 15+1, Neil Howarth 11+1, Paul Dyson 7+1, Chris Parish 13+1, Fred Rothwell 5+1, David Renc 3, Will Owens DNR

Referee: Alan Hewitson, Edinburgh

2nd Team

Edinburgh 77
Paul Kelly 3+1, Tommy Lee 17+2, Michael Lee 20, Douglas Morgan 8, Calum Slight 12, Mark Lee 8, Chris Lee 7, Ewan Kennedy 2

Bury 71
David Renc 12+1, Joe Holleren 13+4, Luke Jamson 18, Jamie Chester 6, Ryan Livesey 10, Will Owens 12+1

Referee: Gav Kennedy, Bo'Ness