Report: British Over-50's & 60's Individual Championship

Report: British Over-50's & 60's Individual Championship

Posted on: 25th August 2011

Article by: Thomas Lee

Images by: Ron MacNeill

British Over-50 Individual Championship

1st Denis Hubble (East London) 20,
2nd Steve Woodruff (East London) 19
3rd Paul Dyson (Bury) 18,

British Over-60 Individual Championship
1st Bob Prince (Birmingham) 19
2nd Colin Wheeler (Southampton) 18 (after run off)
3rd John Murphy (Edinburgh) 18

Redbraes Park in Edinburgh was looking resplendent in the sun for the 2011 over 50's and over 60's Championships on Sat 20th Aug.

First up at 2pm was the 11 riders contesting the over 60's which for this year had been split out as a separate competition from the over 50's.

A marker was laid down in heat one by Bob Prince as he raced clear of Fred Rothwell, Chic Mackie and Mel Perkins. Heat two was an all Edinburgh affair as Johnny Murphy was made to work hard to overhaul Dave Baxter who was sharp from the gate with Ian McKinlay coming in 3rd. Colin Wheeler took heat three to signal his intentions for the day from a hard working Les Stevens, John Whiting and Barry Ashton.

In hindsight the first three heats were a signal of what was to come for the podium.

With the remaining heats containing less than four riders the heats in which Bob Prince, Johnny Murphy and Colin Wheeler were to face each other were to prove crucial.

In heat eight Colin Wheeler inflicted the only defeat of the day on Bob Prince. Johnny Murphy's challenge faltering in heat 10 as he finished behind Les Stevens. However Johnny Murphy redeemed himself in heat 13 as he kept Colin Wheeler at bay on the outside for four laps with Colin coming down on the last bend and losing a further crucial point as Mel Perkins took 3rd.

With Bob Prince finishing heat 16 with a win over Johnny Murphy the title was his.

Colin Wheele still had work to do to win heat 19 to give us a run off for 2nd place with Johnny Murphy which he duly took from the gate.

At 4:30pm the over 50's took the track and with a field of 14.

Heat one contained all three riders who finished on the podium and this time Denis Hubble took the win from Steve Woodruff and Paul Dyson with Colin Wheeler bringing up the rear.

Heat two witnessed the newly crowned over 60's champion Bob Prince looking fit and sharp as he took the flag from Johnny Murphy and Kevin Smith. Heat three was an all over 60's affair with Fred Rothwell, finishing ahead of Dave Baxter, Chic Mackie and Mel Perkins. Oldest rider on the day Chic showing he can still compete.

Heat four was won by the sharp Phil Hemmings from Les Stevens and Rich Pawson.

The remaining four rides of the day for Denis Hubble were virtually untroubled as he raced to a five ride maximum to take the title. For 2nd placed Steve Woordruff his defeat to Denis Hubble in heat one proved crucial as he also raced unbeaten for the remainder of the meeting albeit having to work slightly harder than Denis Hubble for his wins.

3rd placed Paul Dyson also raced unbeaten with the heat one 3rd place behind Denis Hubble and Steve Woodruff the only time he was headed all day.

Great weather and a great days racing was finished off with presentations to the riders from First Impression Clothing representative Brian Morris who handed over the winners medals and jerseys along with Drambuie Whisky miniatures, Tunnocks tea cakes and a special Masween Haggis for the winners to give all the riders a lasting reminder of their time in Scotland.

Thanks go to all our sponsors for the day for contributing to what was a great days racing. Thanks also go to Scottish Cycling for providing the funds for the temporary safety fence and to Edinburgh Monarchs motorcycle speedway rider Kevin Wolbert for doing the pre-event rider presentations.

And lastly a big thanks to the Edinburgh track staff who worked hard all day to prepare a track worthy of a British Final.

Full Results

British Over-50 Individual Championship
Denis Hubble (East London) 20, Steve Woodruff (East London) 19, Paul Dyson (Bury) 18, Bob Prince (Birmingham) 17, Les Stevens (East London) 15, Colin Wheeler (Southampton) 14, Fred Rothwell (Pedalsport) 13, John Murphy (Edinburgh) 12, Kevin Smith (East London) 12, Phil Hemming (Sandwell) 12, Rich Pawson (Hull) 10, Chic Mackie (Edinburgh) 9, Dave Baxter (Edinburgh) 8, Mel Perkins (Hethersett) 7

Referee: Alan Hewitson, Edinburgh

British Over-60 Individual Championship
Bob Prince (Birmingham) 19, Colin Wheeler (Southampton) 18, John Murphy (Edinburgh) 18, Fred Rothwell (Pedalsport) 17, Les Stevens (East London) 17, Dave Baxter (Edinburgh) 15, Barry Ashton (Hull) 14, John Whiting (Bury) 13, Mel Perkins (Hethersett) 12, Chic Mackie (Edinburgh) 12, Ian McKinlay (Edinburgh) 10

Referee: Alan Hewitson, Edinburgh

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