Annan Youth CC - Women Specific Rides

Annan Youth CC - Women Specific Rides

Posted on 23rd January 2012

Article by: Alan Denman

Annan Youth CC today started their women specific rides. Although only just completing one year in existence, the club already has over 50 paid up under 16 members. As a much wanted side effect of this, some of the parents have been tempted to get involved with riding a bike themselves.

So the Annan YCC women’s group was formed. Once again with the hard work being put in by club volunteer Lynda Irving, five women set off in the rain and wind on their first ride joined by Scottish Cycling regional development officer Alan Denman.

The rides take place at 10am once the youth session has started and heads out for a road ride, returning at approx 11.15. The group will also be learning about roadside maintenance, riding position and gear selection along with the many technical skills of bike riding.

All women are welcome to join the sessions as long as you have a working bike and helmet.

If you’d be interested in coming along, please contact Annan Youth CC via the website or Alan Denman at Scottish Cycling