Scottish Cycling launches Coach Learning & Development Programme for Young People

Scottish Cycling launches Coach Learning & Development Programme for Young People


Images: Scottish Cycling
Date: 29th April 2022

Scottish Cycling is looking to step up its support for young coaches in Scotland with the implementation of a new development and learning pathway, with applications opening today.

The Coaching Learning & Development Programme for Young People aims to find and develop the next generation of young aspirational cycling coaches, to lead the progression of coaching in Scotland.

The programme is for any young coach aged 16 -25 wanting to make a different through coaching;  whether that be in the community changing lives, in the sport with recreational riders, or in the pathway developing potential. 

The mission of the programme is to provide a comprehensive programme of learning to support each coach’s development, helping them acquire knowledge, understanding and skill in a coaching context. 

The result of this programme will allow coaches to be more confident and competent in their abilities, which will hopefully give them the confidence to take on lead coaching roles, while gaining a broader and deeper understanding of effective coaching practice.

We are looking for passionate coaches genuinely open to learning. Candidates must be able to commit to the full programme, have the time to apply learning in their own environments and the perseverance to see things through.  We welcome coaches from all disciplines and in any domain, whether that is Participation, Recreation or Performance.

On this new pathway, Scottish Cycling’s Head of Performance and Coaching David Somerville said:

“We are incredible lucky to have a knowledgeable and committed coaching workforce throughout our club network in Scotland, but of course we know there is a need to further diversify the makeup of our active coaches to better meet needs of our club members. 

“Scottish Cycling see young people as central to the success of flourishing clubs, and it is with that in mind we are launching Enhance Young People, a programme designed to meet the needs of young coaches who aspire to fulfil a future role that is central to their club.”

Chief Executive, Nick Rennie, echoed these thoughts:

“It’s imperative that as the governing body for the sport of cycling in Scotland, that we invest in the future. By initiating this pathway, we are developing young people, by creating new opportunities for them in cycling. Providing young people with greater knowledge and understanding of coaching can allow them a greater insight into what makes a coach. In future, this can hopefully allow young coaches to coach young cyclists, making it easier for young people to relate to their coaches, who so often become role models.”

Members of the Scottish Cycling Young People’s Panel, Matthew McKenzie, Hubert Przychodzen and Gregor McPhaden provided their thoughts on the new programme, with Matthew saying:

“Starting and promoting as many programs and pathways to get young people involved in coaching would be critical in growing cycling as a whole, by showing that it is for everyone no matter how you want to be involved.”

Gregor agreed that increased investment in young coaches would provide long-term benefits, stating:

“Scottish Cycling should invest in young coaches as its vital for their development and the future of cycling - bringing in young coaches gives the riders someone to look up to and aspire to be. It also helps the coaches develop and grow their knowledge within the sport of cycling.”

Hubert Przychodzen, agreed with his colleagues, suggesting that investment in young coaches can be the catalyst for future careers in sport:

“The development of young coaches is a key opportunity in sports coaching. It can kickstart a career in sports and cycling! It also gives you the opportunity to make you the best you can be and to deliver the best coaching we can! It’s an awesome experience for a young person to coach other young people, helping them do the things they enjoy most.”

If you are interested in getting involved, or finding out more, please read the overview document below which provides details of how to get involved.


Applications are now open and close on the 31st May, with applicants contacted on the next steps by the 7th June.