ClubServe | Our new Club Management System

ClubServe | Our new Club Management System


Scottish Cycling is delighted to launch it’s new Club Management System, developed in partnership with ServeSport.

A bespoke system, developed to satisfy the needs of cycling clubs in Scotland, the ClubServe system delivers one integrated platform, which will simplify a plethora of administration process and hopefully transform the way clubs operate.

Each Scottish Cycling affiliated club will have access to its own club management system, with a the choice of a number of modules that are on offer, spanning areas from event sign up to finances, and from membership right through to a club development planning tool.

Below we detail the different aspects of the system, and what functionality this offers your club.


  • Manage the organisation’s day to day bookkeeping
  • Record income (money in) and expense (money out) transactions
  • Categorise transactions
  • Produce account statements/summaries
  • Produce invoices and record payments against them
  • Produce end of year/interim reports

Club Development Plan

  • Create and manage an unlimited number of project plans
  • Create and track objectives and actions and assign said actions to contacts both within and outside of your organisation
  • Send out automated emails with project updates for assigned people, with the ability for said people to update progress on their project actions without having to log into the system
  • Create customised Club Development Plans
  • Attach documents and files to a project and run reports on progress

Club Reviews

  • Self-assess your governance and operating policies/procedures
  • Produce a strengths/weaknesses analysis
  • Produce an action list to enable the organisation to make any necessary changes
  • Access a wide range of relevant resources and guidance
  • Populate the club development plan automatically with relevant action


  • Easily add and update an unlimited number of individuals and organisations on the system as contacts
  • Record any type of information about the contacts and easily search for data via the contact query tool
  • Record notes, conversations, emails and texts with contacts on the system
  • Create an unlimited number of contact groups, enabling your organisation to group contacts by any criteria, e.g., volunteers, coaches, new members, groups, etc
  • Promote activities and events to targeted contacts via email or text

Customer/Member Portal

  • Provide members with an easy-to-use portal to manage their account, make and cancel bookings, enter competitions, keep up to date with activities at your organisation, etc
  • Tailor the services provided to members
  • Market club activities and events

Document Library

  • Upload and categorise documents
  • Use the governing body checklist to ensure your organisation is meeting best practice standards
  • Share access to documents with relevant personnel and thirdparties


  • Easily create and manage a wide variety of event types such as coaching courses, fitness sessions, pay and ride sessions, holiday camps, performance squads, ticketed events and social events
  • Create events across an unlimited number of venues and sites
  • Create events for an unlimited number of different types of sports and activities
  • Enable members and non-members to book places online via the customer portal, for themselves and anyone associated with them such as children and spouses
  • Set up different types of fees and payment options, including the ability to provide preferential options for members, existing members and priority members
  • Enable coaches to manage registers online, including the option to record the arrival and departure of children and to record comments and risk assessments
  • Display custom event calendars to let customers know what is going on at your venue
  • Monitor ‘no-shows’ and suspend booking rights if the club’s booking rules are broken
  • Create and complete progress reports for members/parents that can be viewed on the customer portal


  • Easily set up and manage a membership scheme
  • Enable your organisation to set up any type of membership category, including family and group memberships
  • Enable non-members to take out membership online via the customer portal
  • Enable members to easily manage their membership online via the customer portal
  • Set up discounts as required for family/groups, spouses, children, early payment and loyalty
  • Take payment by debit/credit card and by direct debit
  • Analyse and review budgets and income
  • Track types of members such as new members to enable your organisation to provide tailored services and support
  • Produce a wide variety of reports

Personnel Management

  • Assign coaches to events/sessions
  • Record timesheets for coaches
  • Record and track qualifications and training requirements, and generate automatic reminders for when mandatory training is required to be undertaken
  • Provide coaches and workers with their own app version of the system, enabling them to track their diary, take registers, and record comments/progress on their pupil


  • Set up and manage any type of resource that you want members to book: rollers/turbos, bikes, etc
  • Create any length of booking period, e.g., one hour, 90 minutes, one week etc.
  • Enable members and non-members to book resources online via the customer portal, for themselves and anyone associated with them such as children and spouses
  • Set up different types of fees and payment options, including peak, off-peak, etc
  • Set up booking and pricing rules, including provision for limiting the number of bookings made by membership category
  • Mark resources as unavailable, e.g.; for maintenance

Resource Library

  • Access a wide range of governing body resources
  • Easily find relevant resources by category

Scottish Cycling is here to support your club in making the most of this new system. We will be running a series of webinar sessions exploring the range of functionality that this system offers. We have also created a video which provides an overview of the back office modules and this can be viewed here.

System Overview Video

Our partners ServeSport, have developed an extensive manual which provides a step-by-step guide to navigating the ClubServe system. You can see the latest version of this via the link below. Please note, this is updated weekly, so we don't recommend downloading/printing it, instead bookmark the link and it will automatically take you to the most up to date version.

ClubServe Manual

Looking to do something specific? ServeSport have developed an extensive 'How To' guide which can be found via the link below.

ClubServe How To Guide