Scottish Cycling supports clubs to run Go-Ride Racing events

Scottish Cycling supports clubs to run Go-Ride Racing events


Scottish Cycling are excited to announce the launch of a new programme offering support packages to Go-Ride clubs to deliver Go-Ride Racing events this Summer/Autumn. 

We’re putting together equipment packages for interested clubs to host their own Go-Ride events to encourage more young riders into racing and build their skills and confidence. 

What is Go-Ride Racing?   

Fun, progress, skills, confidence, develop, grassroots – just some of the words that previous participants and organisers have used to describe it.  

It is a format of competition that is intended to provide entry level, locally focused competition for anyone under the age of 16. It aims to introduce cyclists to racing in a no-fuss manner with less focus on results and more focus on skills development. A key element of Go-Ride racing is that it must include more than one opportunity for a rider to test themselves – and our Go-Ride Racing handbook gives lots of ideas of different events which could be run on the day. 

Download Go-Ride Racing Handbook

It can be in one of six cycling disciplines (closed road circuit, track, mountain bike cross country, BMX, cyclo-cross and cycle speedway) and aims to be an encouraging progression into competitive cycling.

Go-Ride racing is coach-led and focuses on developing skills. It could be the perfect opportunity to give young people the confidence to step into competition for the first time or even introduce them to a new discipline. The benefits of these events don’t stop with the riders however, they can also be a great way of encouraging new members into your club from the local area and raising funds at the same time.  

These events are also incredibly straight forward for everyone involved as you only need a Level 2 Coach and some keen volunteers to run them. It’s also a great way for you and other club committee members to get into running cycling events.  By running a Go-Ride race you’ll gain experience using the British cycling events system and organiser dashboard all with the support of regional and national Scottish Cycling staff. Your event will also enjoy public liability insurance and promotion on the British Cycling website.

The Scottish Cycling Go-Ride Racing campaign will make running these events even easier than before; depending on the size of the event, the following will be on offer:

Small Event (Up to 50)

Medium Event (51-100)

Large event (Up to 150)

Medals (participant) x50

Medals (participant) x100

Medals (participant) x150

Medals (podium) x12

Medals (podium) x18

Medals (podium) x30

Banner (3mx1m) x1

Banner (3mx1m) x1

Banner (3mx1m) x2

Racing Handbook x1

Racing Handbook x1

Racing Handbook x1

Plastic stakes x60

Plastic stakes x120

Plastic stakes x180

Carry bag x 1

Carry bag x 1

Carry bag x 1

Please note the form below will allow to order exact quantities so that you don't receive more than you require.

To apply for a Go-Ride Racing package, please complete the short google form linked below to apply for a support package (limited number available - first come first served). Please apply by the 15th August. Events to take place between 16th August and 31st October 2021.

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