Scottish Cycling Governance Membership Consultation

Scottish Cycling Governance Membership Consultation


As part of Scottish Cycling’s ongoing commitment to our strategy to Develop a Nation of Cyclists, we are reviewing the governance, processes and structures of how we facilitate the ongoing development of our sport. 

Working closely with our membership is crucial to this, and throughout the summer of 2020 we have worked closely with Commissions, governance groups, key stakeholders and contacts to review what we do.  This was the first step in understanding how we might move forward. 

Further to this, we are inviting all members to participate in a consultation to review the Scottish Cycling Commissions and Regional Development Groups. Within the survey, respondents will have the option to respond to either one, or both areas. 

This is a fundamental part of a process to gather evidence for the consultation. The evidence will be used to improve how we manage the sport and offer more dedicated and targeted support across all cycling disciplines and regions.  

We would love to hear your views! 

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