Six New Coaches Coaches for Orkney CC

Six New Coaches Coaches for Orkney CC


The islands of Orkney just off the north eastern coast of Scotland may only have a population size of 22, 000, but they are now home to six newly qualified Level 2 coaches.

Orkney Cycling Club has 100 members and is the UK’s northernmost cycling club. They try to be as inclusive as possible, encouraging anyone who has a bike to come along and get involved. The club also aspires to set up a new youth programme to get more young people involved in the sport. With six passionate and knowledgeable volunteers they are sure to grow from strength to strength.

Club Secretary, Pete Bentley said, “The tutor was excellent and the whole group really enjoyed the experience. I believe the fact that we managed to get the course run in Orkney was a big reason for it being so successful and now we have the momentum we aim to continue with our coaching aspirations.”

Newly Qualified Level 2 Coaches

Neil Croy

Tom Lynch

Pete Bentley

Wim Chalmet

Katie Rafferty

David Hamilton

David Malcolm

Facebook: Cycling Club | Twitter: @OrkneyCC

Congratulations to the new coaches. We look forward to seeing the team at Orkney CC grow and develop their club.

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