The Scottish Cycling Young People's Panel

The Scottish Cycling Young People's Panel


The Scottish Cycling Young People’s Panel is a national group selected to represent the voice of young people, led by Scottish Cycling, the National Governing Body for Cycling in Scotland.

Meet the Panel


Sophie has been cycling for the last 8 years. Initially racing Cyclocross, she has taken to Mountain Biking over the last few years and was successful in representing Scotland West at the 2018 British Cycling MTB Inter-Regionals competition.

Her favourite thing about cycling is being pushed out of her comfort zone. She recognises the feeling of pride and self-accomplishment she gets from taking on challenging MTB courses – and uses this as motivation to push herself in all other aspects of her life.

On finding out that she had been successful in securing a place on the Scottish Cycling Young People’s Panel, she said: “I am very excited to be chosen for the panel and I can’t wait to be a part of changing the ways of cycling in Scotland. I want to make an impact on young people and females in cycling around the country.”


Isobel is  currently studying at University in Edinburgh.Originally from Wales, she has been is a member of the Maindy Flyers Cycling Club (where Geraint Thomas started out!) and since moving to Scotland has joined started coaching with a Go Ride club.

Isobel is passionate about getting more girls involved in cycling – and wants to work with panel members to make changes in areas of the sport that she has experienced, both positively and negatively, during her time as a rider and a coach.

On being selected to join the panel, Isobel said: “I’m thrilled to be a part of such an exciting part of Scottish Cycling! I think this will be a really good opportunity to pool everyone’s ideas together and create something great. I can’t wait to get started!



Ryan has been cycling since he was three years old, and racing since he was 9. He visited the DH World Cup at Fort William in 2012, and was hooked, and has raced Downhill ever since. His racing has taken him all across the UK and Europe. Last year he was Scottish Youth Champion and came 7th overall in the UK for his age category.

Last year, he became one of the youngest Level 1 Cycle Coaches in Scotland, and has been coaching in his local club ever since. Ryan hopes that by being a part of the panel, he can work with his peers to develop projects to open up new avenues into the sport for more young people to experience cycling.

On finding out that he had been selected to be a part of the panel, he said: “I am really excited about being part of the Young People’s Panel. I have been involved in cycling since I was very young and I am excited about the opportunity to make it onto panel”.


Louie has just left secondary school and will be heading to the University in September to study a degree in Sports Science. He has been part of Edinburgh Road Club since Summer 2016, with his most recent success being a win in the Peebles CC Road Race earlier this year.

Louie believes it is vital that Scottish Cycling now has a Young People's Panel because of the recent improvements in the cycling infrastructure in Scotland, as well as campaigns to support cyclists being safer on roads from motorists as well as new cycle lanes being built giving us a cleaner and more sustainable way of commuting to school and work - these encourage young cyclists to get out on their bikes in a safe manner. By creating a Young People's panel, it will help to add a young person’s view on the debate, and allow Scottish Cycling to work with our partners in Cycling Scotland, Sustrans Scotland and Cycling UK Scotland to ensure that cyclists of all ages feel safer out on the roads.

Upon finding out that he had been accepted onto the Young People’s Panel, Louie said: “ I am really looking forward to the opportunity of working with my fellow members to develop a range of new projects to get more people cycling across Scotland”.


Euan has been involved in cycling for a relatively short period of time but has managed to pack in a lot in his three years in the sport. Not coming from a racing background, he got into cycling through his school MTB Club.

Last year, he started volunteering at his local club and was part of a trial to become a Level 1 Coach at the age of 14. Euan would like to support the young people involved in clubs realise that cycling has many options for progressing further in the sport, not only in racing but also in coaching and volunteering.

On being selected for the first ever Scottish Cycling Young People’s Panel, Euan said: “I’m amazed to have the opportunity to be a part of the very first Young People’s Panel which will allow us young people to have a voice to make a meaningful impact in the cycling world. I can’t wait to get involved and help make a difference in cycling in Scotland”.


Erin, is our most northerly panel member, is an avid Mountain Biker and competes across a range of disciplines. Most recently, she was 4th overall Female at 10 Under the Ben in Fort William!

She is passionate about seeing more girls getting involved in the sport and recognises the wide range of benefits that engaging in sport and physical activity can have. Outside of cycling, Erin is heavily involved with her local Scouts Explorers group, and has been instrumental in creating a new programme of activities for participants in the group. As part of this, she has planned a Cycling camp this Summer to encourage more of the members of the group to get involved in the sport.

On being selected as a member of the first ever Scottish Cycling Young People’s Panel, she said: “I am absolutely over the moon! I look forward to being a voice for cycling in the North of Scotland, let's do this!"


Eilidh, is a Young Ambassador and coaches a range of sports – including Mountain Biking in her school club.

She hopes that by being a part of the panel, she will be able to have a positive impact within the sport - be it on a large scale or even changing one person’s perspective. She wants to spread her love of cycling and focus on creating opportunities.

She would love to see higher participation rates within rural communities in competitions and increase the ability for participants in more remote areas to train to higher levels.

Eilidh thinks that: “Having young people opinions represented will aid the development of new and different aspects of cycling. Hopefully having the young voice represented will inspire more young people to be a part of the conversation around improving cycling in Scotland”.   

On being selected to be a part of the panel, she said: “ I was so excited when I got the phone call and I am very grateful to be a part of such an amazing opportunity. Specifically living on an island - having the chance to participate in this is such a privilege! I can't wait for the years ahead!”


Callum has been involved in cycling for over 10 years. He has always had a passion for cycling and wanted to have an impact within the sport. He started riding trials through his club and this has taken him to competitions across the UK. He has also raced on his MTB.

More recently within his club he has been coaching younger children and through this has discovered that he was determined to get more young people cycling.

Callum has just left secondary school and is looking towards a career in sport. He has offers for both College and University and is looking forward to the new challenges that this represents. On being selected for the panel, he said “I always wanted to make a difference in the cycling world and I'd never have believed that I would be given this opportunity so soon. I can't wait to get started and help to create a cycling nation."


Applications for the Young People's Panel have now closed. We will be recruiting new panel members in 2021.