#BetheCoach that is smart about funding

#BetheCoach that is smart about funding


Scottish Cycling and sportscotland both work to support and develop cycling clubs and aim to create and implement a coaching system in Scotland that will develop coaches capable of supporting and developing riders at every level of the pathway.

To cultivate a Scotland where sport is a way of life it is critical that we build the value of coaches in our sporting system. We are growing our stock of knowledge and expertise in order to continue recruiting, support and recognising quality coaches

Therefore, despite funding cuts, we are still offering substantial subsidies to coaches for UKCC coaching courses in Scotland.  The new subsidies levels are in the table below.

sportscotland UKCC Subsidy

BC / SC course cost*

Subsidy offered in real terms

Course cost to the candidate in real terms

L1  40% of total cost or £75  whichever is lowest 




L2  60% of total cost or £350 whichever is lowest




L3 to be 0%, 20%, 40% or 60%


£0, £182, £364, £546

£910, £728, £364, £546

* please note these are the increased BC prices as of 1st of April 2017

Level 2 subsidy is more than Level 1 subsidy to support and increase the number of coaches going through the pathway.  That said, Level 1 is still the first step in the coaching pathway and where the coaching journey will officially begin.

To find out more information about UKCC Scotland Funding please click here.