The Scottish National Youth and Junior Track Championships 2016 are held over three days (or two days and an evening to be exact) and we’ll bring you the action as it happens.

Today’s (Saturday) schedule:

Competition Schedule Saturday 25th June 2016

Junior Men Sprint 200m Qualifying TT

Junior Women Sprint 200m Qualifying TT

Youth A Boys 500m Time Trial

Youth A Girls 500m Time Trial

Junior Men Sprint Final Match A

Junior Women Sprint Semi-finals Match A

Youth B Boys 1500m Pursuit (Omnium event 1)

Junior Men Sprint Final Match B

Junior Women Sprint Semi-finals Match B

Youth B Girls 1500m Pursuit (Omnium event 1)

Youth A Boys 500m Time Trial Victory Ceremony

Youth A Girls 500m Time Trial Victory Ceremony

Junior Men Sprint Final Match C

Junior Women Sprint Semi-finals Match C

Junior Men Sprint Victory Ceremony Break

Junior Women Sprint Finals Match A

Youth B Boys Sprint Round 1 (Omnium event 2)

Youth A Boys 15k Points Race

Junior Women Sprint Finals Match B

Youth B Boys Sprint Final (Omnium event 2)

Youth B Girls Sprint Final (Omnium event 2) Youth A Girls15k Points Race

Junior Women Sprint Finals Match C


Youth A Boys Points Race Victory Ceremony

Youth A Girls Points Race Victory Ceremony Youth B Boys 500m TT (Omnium event 3) Youth B Girls 500m TT (Omnium event 3)

Junior Women 15k Points Race

Junior Men 25k Points Race

Junior Women Sprint Victory Ceremony Youth B Boys Omnium Victory Ceremony Youth B Girls Omnium Victory Ceremony Junior Women Points Race Victory Ceremony

Junior Men Points Race Victory Ceremony

First up for Saturday morning…

Youth A Boys 500m TT:

Seven Boys lined up with the starter for this event with four of them getting into the 38’s. Jonathon Hilbourne (Glasgow Riderz) posted a time of 38.4 but it was Matti Dobbins of Johnstone Wheelers CC who set the third fastest time in 38.14.

Half a second quicker was Jamie Penny (Discovery Juniors CC) to take silver but the best time of the day was set by Jack Cruden (Glasgow Riderz) in a time of 35.99 at a very impressive speed of 50kph to take gold.

Youth A Girls 500m TT:

Six girls contested this event with three riders posting times in the 41’s (Eve Martin for Team Jadan Weldtite and Abby Stewart/Anna Shackley for Glasgow Riderz).

Two girls went better with times in the 40’s…Ellie Park (Johnstone Wheelers CC), taking silver, and Georgia Speake (East Kilbride RC) just behind in bronze.

A second quicker though, and taking gold, was Lusia Steele (Johnstone Wheelers CC) to add to her tally of titles.

Junior Men’s Sprint Final:

Heat 1 saw Glasgow Cycle Team’s Danny Mulholland up against his teammate Lewis Stewart with the latter taking the victory.

Heat 2 was also a comprehensive victory for Lewis Stewart thereby negating the need for a third with Stewart taking Gold and Mulholland Silver to keep it an all Glasgow Cycle Team affair.

Junior Women’s Sprint:

In Match A it was a baptism of fire as Georgia Mansfield (Forres CC) took on the experienced Amber King (Glasgow Sprint Team). Victory in both heats went to the GST rider.

In Match B it was a closer contest with Lauryn Dawber (Swinnerton Cycles) up against Glasgow Sprint Team’s Gemma Penman and the impressive visitor took both heats but by a smaller margin than the A match.

In the run-off for third it was Penman against Mansfield with the Glasgow Sprint Team rider making sure of the Bronze taking both heats.

In the Final it was King against Dawber with the Glasgow Sprint Team rider making sure of the first run. In the second heat King led from the front with the Swinnerton Cycles rider failing to get past. Amber King took Gold, Silver to Lauryn Dawber.

Youth B Boys 1500m Pursuit (Omnium Event 1):

In this first counting event for the Omnium it was Johnstone Wheelers CC’s Hamish MacLaren who posted the best time (1:55.85) to sit at the head of the table. Aaron King (Stirling BC) was second with Kyle Thomas (Edinburgh RC) third.

Youth B Girl’s 1500m Pursuit (Omnium 1):

With only three girls contesting this race it was always likely to go to Eva Young (Pedal Power RT) and she didn’t disappoint coming home ahead of Daryl Jay Welsh (Glasgow Riderz) and Sophie Dobbins (Johnstone Wheelers CC).

Youth B Boy’s Sprint (Omnium Event 2):

Aaron King went for a long one in this event but Hamish MacLaren powered up and past to take the event with Kyle Thomas in third.

Youth B Girl’s Sprint (Omnium 2):

It was another dominant display from Eva Young as she finished ahead of Daryl Jay Welsh with Sophie Dobbins picking up third spot.

Youth A Boy’s 15K Points Race:

This was a race dominated by Jack Cruden (Glasgow Riderz) as he won every sprint and then, to top it off, took off on his own 4 laps from the end and by the time he crossed the line he was ¾ lap ahead.

Behind though it was a closer battle but Matti Dobbins (Johnstone Wheelers CC) placed second on several of the sprint laps and secured the silver medal spot. Oran McConville (East Kilbride RC) claimed the final spot on the podium.

Youth A Girl’s 15K Points Race:

This was, on the face of it, a more open affair than the boy’s event had been. Lusia Steele, Ellie Park and Eve Martin (Team Jadan Weldtite) swapped the sprint points around. The reality though was that it was a measured and strategic performance from Lusia Steele and she showed this by taking the final dash for the line from Eve Martin. Johnstone Wheelers CC made it two on the podium with Ellie Park picking up third spot although she’d been penalised in one of the sprints…it didn’t change the overall result.

Youth B Boy’s 500TT (Omnium Event 3):

Progressively faster times ended with Hamish MacLaren doing a 38.41 to top the standings and take the overall Omnium from Aaron King and Kyle Thomas.

Youth B Girl’s 500TT (Omnium Event 3):

First rider Sophie Dobbins was on her own and finished in third spot overall. This left Eva Young and Daryl Jay Welsh to fight it out and the Pedal Power RT rider posted the fastest time of 41.34 to Daryl Jay’s 43.84.

This settled the Omnium overall with a comfortable win to Eva Young, with Daryl Jay Welsh in second and Sophie Dobbins in third.

Junior Women’s 15K Points Race:

Five riders lined up for this event and once again Team Jadan Weldtite were there in strength with Jenny Holl, Sarah Bradford and Rhona Callander. Georgia Mansfield and Lulu Bartlett (The Racers) made up the five and Bartlett was determined not to let the Jadan riders have it all their own way.

She took one of the sprints but the three teammates were keeping a tight grip on the race with Holl in the prime position and taking most of the sprints.

She had an unassailable position so now there was just the last sprint to go…and she made sure of that in dominant style. Rhona Callander was second overall with Lulu Bartlett doing enough to take the bronze medal position.

Junior Men’s 25K Points Race:

This was a fast and attritional race right from the start. Joe Nally ( laid down the law after the first attack by Calum Shackley (Glasgow Cycle Team) at 75 laps to go.

Shackley was brought back within 4 laps and Nally set off with Danny Mulholland and Euan Sutherland for company. Danny Hedley (Moray Cycle RT) saw the danger and charged across only to see Mulholland begin to lose contact.

The three leaders caught the rear portion of the bunch which had split by this time but then Hedley began to lose contact. He caught the rear group as the Nally trio overtook the front portion and from then on Nally set about controlling the race.

Altogether with 25 to go and Nally was in control. The pack was riding together as one but Nally was not being troubled. Rider after rider tried to get away only to find the Fife ace coming across to them…and taking each of the sprints in turn.

Then it was into the finale and Joe Nally was not to be denied taking the final sprint and the overall. After a lot of counting, and discussion, it was announced that Euan Sutherland was in the silver position with Danny Hedley in bronze.

So ended a fantastic day of track racing…and it was announced that there was still cake left…double bonus!

One more day to go…stay tuned for all of tomorrow’s action.