#VolunteersWeek: Carole O'Hare

#VolunteersWeek: Carole O'Hare


Throughout Volunteer Week 2016, Scottish Cycling will be showcasing some of the volunteers that work on cycling events across the country. There is more to cycling than getting on a bike and the fantastic work done by Scottish Cycling's 184 affiliated clubs and volunteers each and every week does not go unnoticed. We couldn't do any of it without you!

Name: Carole O’Hare

Age: If I raced I would be in Masters Category B (37)

Occupation: Payments Analyst for a UK Bank

Cycling Club: Not a Club Member

Volunteering role(s): Rider Sign On, Some Timekeeping and whatever other jobs come up that need done.

How long have you been volunteering in your role for?

I have been volunteering for about 2 years.

How did you get into volunteering?

After watching London 2012 and seeing the Gamesmakers I realised that they were volunteers.  I decided I wanted to be a part of Glasgow 2014 and looked to get some experience for my application.  I went as a spectator to Thunder Drome at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in October 2012 and thought I would like to try volunteering there.  I tried to get tickets for the UCI Track World Cup held in Glasgow in November 2012 but they were sold out.  My friend found a link to apply to be a volunteer at the event.  I applied and was selected to do event support.  It was a great experience and I was fortunate to be in a very varied role.  Along with putting up all the scrim on the barriers and delivering water to teams, we were on hand for all the little things that hadn’t been thought of.  From that I then volunteered at the Junior World Track Championships in August 2013 and then the Glasgow Road Race test event, for this I was based on High street at a crossing point.  Until that afternoon I hadn’t really paid much attention to road racing, but once I seen 150 riders in the peloton flying down high street towards a sharp corner I soon changed my view and started paying more attention to road races.  I applied for Glasgow 2014 and was lucky to be selected, I was based in the SECC for the Boxing.  I did manage to get a ticket to see one of the cycling sessions though.  After the games had finished I decided volunteering was something I wanted to continue doing and contacted one of my friends (Catriona it’s all your fault), who I had met at the first track event and stayed in contact with.  The Scottish Senior Track Championships were coming up, my name was passed over and I went along to help out for the weekend.  Over the course of the weekend I got talking to various people at Scottish Cycling and found out about Track League.  I went along the next week and that was it, they haven’t got rid of me yet.  Through track league I have met other race organisers and helped out at other events throughout the year.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

I’ve had the chance to learn how to work photofinish and the chip timing equipment, so if you’re looking to learn some new skills it is worth considering.  Alternatively if you want to just help out for a bit and watch some bike racing you can do that as well.   

What has been your most memorable volunteering experience in cycling?

At a cycle cross race the weather wasn’t the greatest, helping to hold down a gazebo and a sign on desk was definitely an experience.  

Describe the perfect volunteer (without describing yourself!)

Friendly and adaptable

Advise someone who might want to volunteer in cycling

Come along and give it a shot.  There are loads of different roles so you’re sure to find something that suits you and you enjoy.  You don’t have to say yes to everything (something I’m still learning), even if you can help a few hours a month it would be appreciated.

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