#SCSquad Blog: Robyn Stewart

#SCSquad Blog: Robyn Stewart


The saying ‘If you want something done, ask a busy person’ kind of sums up my life at the minute... I’m pretty busy and getting lots done!

This is the first blog update from Scottish Cycling's Sprint Performance Squad. Something we hope will enlighten you all into the lives of the riders on the squad.

So..I’m Robyn, I’m 25 and I’m new to the Scottish Cycling Sprint squad and relatively new to track cycling. My background is in hockey but this time last year, after an inspiring Commonwealth Games, I put my stick and shinnies away to start riding a bike. I got the cycling bug from day one and have been pretty obsessed with it ever since. Whilst most people my age settle down and buy houses, cars and pets, I've been buying bikes,wheels and tools!

I work a little less than a standard job - drilling and filling teeth. I work around 32 hours a week (two delightful half days for training!). I also train around ten sessions per week (the time varies depending on the session and training block).

Life at the minute is a bit of a juggling act but a well thought out plan at the start of the week helps me to manage my time (I am a bit of an organisation freak...I love a good list and my colour coded training programme!). I write up my week's schedule every Sunday night. It includes my training (road/gym/track), work and meetings. Around this I plan what food I need and then I head to the shop with a wee list and prepare for the week ahead.

It can be a bit hectic being busy all the time. I’m not going to lie, sometimes when its pouring outside the last thing I want to do is go out and get soaked. There are days when my alarm rings at the crack of dawn and all I want to do is roll over and hit the snooze button, but it is all worth it when I get out there - I’m loving training and absolutely loving racing!

Simple things make a huge difference to my week. Sleep is a major factor -  but does anyone get enough sleep these days? With work, phones and iPads it is so hard to go to bed early. It’s been so important for me to get to bed at a decent time and this has really helped my recovery.

Efficient recovery enables me to train to the best of my ability. After the breakdown of muscle during a session I replenish the stores with a wee protein shake...and no this won’t make me massive and manly, it just helps me train again the next day.  A good diet is also essential. Eating the right things, and enough of the right things is also something I am working on! 

The juggling act of work and training is usually done with my team mates and friends. We help push each other on, share the same goal and always have a healthy bit of competition!

The main thing that motivates me to find a good work and training balance is my love of riding my bike. I haven't been doing it long but long may this fun continue!

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