R.A.C.E. Sessions: Ingliston 18th October 2015

R.A.C.E. Sessions: Ingliston 18th October 2015


There will be a combined inter regional R.A.C.E session taking place at Ingliston on 18th October 2015.

This exciting opportunity is open to riders who are currently competing or have aspirations to compete at British National Level. It is also a great opportunity for coach CPD so we want club coaches to get involved to help steer the program, share experience and work with our national performance coaches.


The R.A.C.E. programme is a regionally based performance development programme, primarily aimed at Youth and Junior category riders. Led by volunteers, it will be delivered in each of the five Scottish Cycling regions with input, direction and support from the SC performance and development team staff.

Why R.A.C.E. (Regional Academy of Cycling Education)?

The key reasons for the title (and acronym) are as follows:

REGIONAL: It’s important to recognise in the title that the programme will belong to the regions. Activity will be delivered by a region, for the aspiring racers within that region.  Depending on facilities available and objectives of the day, regions may work together to deliver joint RACE days using the same venue.

ACADEMY:  The programme is about learning in a school / college type environment. Practical work with high quality input on a range of subjects relating to improving sporting success.

CYCLING:  It’s what it’s all about!

EDUCATION: A goal of the programme is for each young racer to become better educated about both cycling and themselves as athletes. It will also encourage & empower them to become lifelong learners about their sport which we believe will provide the best chance of success in the future.


It exists to help youngsters become better racers. They will also become better cyclists and athletes through the process, but learning and developing with a RACE focus for long term success is the overall aim.


To provide inspirational and educational development opportunities to aspiring racing cyclists towards achieving long term success.

The details:

There will be a combined Inter Regional road session at Ingliston, where all eligible riders and coaches will be able and should be encouraged to take part. For this session the aims are for identified coaches from each Region to take a support and lead the delivery to their riders. This will help develop and build the relationship between riders and coaches.

Aged 13+ Born 2003 or earlier (i.e 2nd year Youth C in 2015), participants will need to bring lunch, a working road bike and suitable clothing for both practical & theoretical workshops.

Cost £5 per rider (coaches free).

Sign up via your own Region by clicking below:

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For further details use the link on the EventBrite website to contact your Regional Development Officer.