Get involved with Cycling in Scottish Borders

Get involved with Cycling in Scottish Borders


Want to get involved in cycling? Scottish Cycling is currently working with the Borders Sport & Leisure Trust to organise a 16 week Mountain Bike coaching programme that aims to teach yougsters how to handle a bike, improve their basic skills and start to teach them the basics of racing!

By getting involved at a Go-Ride Club, a full qualified Scottish Cycling coach will have them getting to grips with gears, balancing with brilliance, cornering like you’re on rails – everything needed to get ready to race!

Also every four weeks there will be a mini fun race that will be staged at Tweedbank Sports Complex where youngsters will put into practice what they have learnt against riders from the other participation centres.

The Participation centre programme will culminate in the Annual Borders Schools Cross Country Championships on Thursday 25th September in Galashields.

Sessions will be held at:

Wilton Park Pavillion
Every Friday from 13th June

Howdenburn Primary School
Every Tuesday from 3rd June

Tweedbank Sports Complex
Every Wednesday from 4th June

(meet at) Duns Primary School
Every Wednesday from 4th June

Playing Fields at the Old Eyemouth High School
Every Monday from 2nd June

Level: Beginner 8 -12 yrs
Time: 16.00 - 17.00

Level: Intermediate* 8 -12 yrs
Time: 17.15 - 18.15

* Riders who have been off road beforeand able to pedal efficiently on grass

Mini Race Series Dates
Tweedbank Sport Complex from 10:00 - 12:00

Saturday 21st June
Saturday 19th July
Saturday 16th August
Saturday 13th September