Posted on: 23rd March 2012

Article by: Janette Hazlette, National Events Officer

Image: Velo Ecosse rider Matt Macdonald caught with his hands aloft by the photo finish team

In my continual search for volunteers to help get races on the roads, tracks and trails in Scotland I now need to look for volunteers to help with the photofinishing at races.  At present the workforce of Sandy and Bill are starting to complain that they cannot always get to go clubing on a Friday and Saturday night as they have to be up early in the morning to get to a bike race !!

As a rider I’m sure a lot of you will appreciate how brilliant it is nowadays to have fast and accurate results for ALL the finishers at the race.  The days of an organiser and the judging team only managing to get the first dozen riders and the rest is being described as ‘main bunch’ are hopefully well gone. 

I am hoping to organise some training and perhaps days where a ‘learner’ can act as the apprentice to Sandy and Bill during the racing season.  If you are interested in helping please email me at janette.hazlett@scottishcycling.org.uk.

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