Road: Kay wins Hillingdon Grand Prix

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Location: Hillingdon circuit, London
Event: 9 June 2013
Report and Photos: Andrew Whitehouse

Emily Kay took the honours with a fine win at Hillingdon Women’s Grand Prix - but it was MG-Maxifuel's Charline Joiner who secured the series lead with third place.

Although both series leaders Anne Ewing and Karla Boddy didn't start the race it was nonetheless a strong field that took to the line on a windy Hillingdon circuit.

A bunch-imposed neutral opening few laps really laid out the intentions of the race with no one team or rider looking to make an early attack away from the bunch.

It was left to GB Cycles Karen Poole and Emma Trott who broke the elastic some 20 minutes into the race easing out a small gap from the large group but the MG team soon brought the race back together knowing that the series lead was on the table for Joiner.

Clemence Copie is always a threat in any race and although she made a valiant attack on the counter it was Joiner's team mate Mel Brand who soon shortened the distance between Copie and the chasing bunch.

With around 30 minutes raced it was Louise Borthwick and Amy Hill who jumped away and soon had about 15 seconds’ lead, but again it was Brand who upped the pace to bring the escapes back. Tanya Griffiths went on the counter attack, but again another rider not allowed any time away.

With riders trying to make the break it was MG-Maxifuel who were going to control the day only allowing a breakaway a handful of seconds before hauling them back to the bunch.

With five laps remaining the who race was as one, the front runners watching for any moves off the front but a surprise attack from Champion System Sarah Byren caused a reaction from the MG girls who soon again took control.

With the bell ringing again Byren made a play to escape only to be chased down by the blue team, and coming around the final bend it was to be a bunch gallop up the slight incline to the line with Emily Kay having the quicker legs to take the win from Copie and Charline Joiner.


1 Emily Kay Scott Contessa Epic
2 Clemance Copie High Wycombe CC
3 Charline Joiner MG-Maxifuel
4 Hayley Jones Node 4 Giordana
5 Francesca Morgans-Slader Lee Valley Youth CC
6 Sophie Faulkner Solihull CC
7 Coryn Rivera Breast Cancer Care RT
8 Abigail Dentus De Vere Cycles
9 Florda Gillies Team ASL360
10 Amy Hill Abergavenny Road Club

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