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28 February 2013

MG - Maxifuel Pro Cycling Men's & Women's Racing Team have marked their launch for 2013 with the following press release:

2013 will see a fresh faced reincarnation of the Cycle Premier Racing Team as it explodes onto the UK cycling scene with an elite men’s and women’s team. The success of Rod Freeman’s set-up over the last three seasons now enjoys a significant boost for 2013 as he partners up with Jamie Scott, who brings with him exciting new sponsors. A further boost comes from Henry Furniss and his team at WyndyMilla, who will be sponsoring the team with WM Massive Attack & Foo Fighter handmade bikes, as well as working with their long term partner Maxifuel to optimise the performance of riders.

The team has been quivering with excitement over the announcement of new co-title sponsors, MG Motor & Maxifuel Sports Nutrition.

MG Motor ( will be supporting the team’s national racing campaign with their new MG6 Diesel, and soon to be launched, much anticipated MG3, both acting as team vehicles.

Maxifuel will be providing cutting edge sports nutrition whilst working to optimise the performance of riders at their new athlete testing facility, which opens at the end of 2013’s first quarter. Both of these sponsors help free up much needed operational budget to the team along with a progressive outlook for men’s & women’s racing in the UK in 2013 & beyond.

The significance of the new look team is highlighted, by the signing of ‘Big Maggy’ aka Magnus Backstedt, who will lead the men’s team on the road for 2013. Magnus needs very little introduction, his riding style and performance in this year’s Tour of Britain prove there’s plenty of racing ambition still burning strong!

“I’m really happy to be racing with MG Maxifuel next year, it’s a real feel good factor to support a UK Team, who are gearing up to support Women’s Elite level racing, and also gives me the opportunity to continue my ongoing relationship with WyndyMilla. This is one element of my 2013 plans, I will release further details over the coming weeks.” Magnus Backstedt said when speaking about the team.

The men’s team:

Magnus Backstedt

Will Bjergfelt

Perry Bowater

Dec Bryne

Jamie Caldwell

Henry Furniss

Paul Londors

David Palmer

Jamie Scott

3 further riders are pending invitation.

“I’ve aligned professional and personal relationships to make this project viable, naturally I am delighted to become a partner and riding within our new team, furthermore I’m excited to be working with Henry, Magnus and Rod, we all have a passion for the sport, supporting riders and sponsors alike. I couldn’t ask to be working with a better group of individuals, team and sponsors – we’ve a great set up here’” enthused Jamie Scott

Adding further depth to MG - Maxifuel Pro Cycling Team is a 6 strong women’s team, which has two key figure heads; Hannah Barnes returns to the UK for 2013, with numerous past national honours to her name, and three consecutive wins at Smithfield Nocturne, a race winner and key signing. Charline Joiner also joins the team, with recent selection to the next UCI Track World Cup round in Glasgow this weekend, another rider to watch closely.

Following on from his announcement last year to develop a new women’s cycling team Rod Freeman said,

“Womens racing isn’t getting the acknowledgement that it deserves, our goal is to now support a small unit of female riders, and offer them the professional environment the Elite Men enjoy – with Johnson’s Healthtec featuring as part of the Women’s Tour Series, where better to show case the talent we have within this team”

Additional Female line-up includes, Rohan Battison, Kelly Moore & Hayley Edwards with one name still to be announced.

Henry Furniss “The crew at WyndyMilla are delighted to be working with such a progressive team. There are so many exciting dynamics to the new MG/Maxifuel set-up. Magnus & I have been working on some interesting ideas over the last year so it is super cool that we managed to land ourselves the same camp. Also over the moon that we will be supporting two women’s teams in 2013, BOOM! May swing a leg over a bike myself, ‘gulp’, but may become too preoccupied with a think tank to sort out British road racing. . We’ll see. Either way it’s gonna be quite a ride. . “

The MG – Maxifuel Pro Cycling Team will be focused on Tour Series for both Elite Men and Women, while also all Premier Calendar rounds, Cicle Classic, Women’s National Series events, and some European racing commitments.

MG - Maxifuel Pro Cycling are supported by, Maxifuel Nutrition, CyclePremier, Santini, USE, TEC, Vittoria, Perkins Garages, il’soigneur, Fizik, Sunwise & ADL Consulting.

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