Road National School of Racing event applications open

Road National School of Racing event applications open

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With Spring rapidly approaching, the road racing season is on it’s way again and this must mean it’s time for another Mallory Park National School of Racing! 

The session will be road specific and take place at Mallory Park in Leicestershire on the Thursday 16 February. The session is for established Regional Schools of Racing riders, as well as giving riders who are first year under 14 (not yet of the age to attend Regional Schools of Racing) the opportunity to have a taste of the discipline, skill and endurance levels required in the future.

This is a Talent Program session and the Talent programme in its two tier form is in place to cater for riders only with the birth years listed below. For 2012, we are going to have a maximum of 120 subscriptions that will be chosen from applications received.

With your application you must have a valid email address so we can forward information and be able to prove:

  • You are birth years 1996, 1997, 1998 or 1999
  • Regularly racing at a regional and or national level.
  • Evidence of participation in Go-Ride club or holiday scheme or BC or British Triathlon GROUP coaching sessions.

The reason for the criteria is that over the last few years we have had increasing numbers of riders who are complete novice attending sessions. Dropping these riders into sessions as technically testing as this and at the speeds we run the sessions at, has caused safety issues for those riders and the riders around them. It has also been a very negative experience for those young riders who are just buying into our mega sport. Our main objective is to create a real fun learning experience which does not de-motivate or injure our young cyclists.

For this event you will need road bikes only with no tri bars please.  If you feel this rules you out of the NSR, we advocate that you should be looking to take part in some local club activity or Go-Ride Racing and holiday club sessions and then move on to some low level regional racing. Together with our Go-Ride colleagues, we can steer you in the right direction. You can find a list of your regional go-ride team here - Regional Development Staff.

Applications need to be emailed to Anneliese Heard by Monday 23 January at From this, you will receive a parental consent form, session details and information about online entry. Please call on 07515 606 629 if you have any questions.

If you are a qualified coach and wish to assist us on the day, there are a number of logistical roles we need help with, please can you contact Anneliese Heard on the above email address by Wednesday 8 February. Coaches will then be given a role for the day on or off the bike and will be forwarded session plans.

Please note: This day is not about selection for the talent team in any way - it is about a lesson in racing! OK guys, get mailing and let's have a top time!

Application form

National School of Racing Application Form