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Mars Refuel Partner Horizon Fitness Racing Team

Posted: 1st April 2010 | Source: Horizon Fitness

Horizon Fitness Racing Team are proud to announce a new partnership with Mars® Refuel. "This is another premium brand that has decided to partner the Horizon Fitness squad for 2010. It's exciting for us, and great news, just before our first major races of the season," said manager Stefan Wyman.

"The Mars® Refuel product has been made specifically to provide an optimum ratio of protein and carbohydrate. This is going to help all of our riders to achieve great results and their recovery from training and racing improves."

Wyman continued, "I hope this partnership shows the stable base we are creating for our riders. To be linked with so many premium brands in our first year can only help us create a stronger foundation for our team, and help forge opportunities for further riders to join our team."

"The team have a lot of racing over the coming weeks. And the first race with a full team focus will be the Bedford 2 Day race. The team will continue building their form and coming together as a group, while they move towards some European stage races in July and August."

"Several of the riders are also working hard to gain selection for the Commonwealth Games for Wales and England, and we are doing all we can to help that happen for them. Having a rider in the games will be a great success for us."

A spokesperson for MARS Chocolate Drinks and Treats, says: "We are really pleased to be involved with Horizon Fitness cycling team's ambitious plans and will be providing the team with a supply of MARS Refuel drinks.

"At the MARS Refuel Drink Fund, we are passionate about supporting sports teams and individuals, whether they are at grassroots or professional level. The milk goodness of MARS Refuel is ideal for recovery after sports, so perfect for such a hardworking team. We look forward to following their progress and wish them all the best for the upcoming season."

Links: www.onthedrops.com www.marsrefuel.com

Koolstop and Ritchey Equip Horizon Fitness Squad

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10 February 2010

Two new product partners can now be confirmed for Horizon Fitness for the coming season. Koolstop brake pads will be fitted to all of the teams Kona bikes whilst Ritchey will be supplying the finishing components from its excellent WCS range. "It’s our aim to provide our riders with the best products in each area and these two partnerships help us to achieve that in year one" commented team manager Stefan Wyman.

"I’ve worked with Koolstop for a number of years now, and they are fantastic, both for on and off road equipment.  I know our riders will have a huge amount of confidence in the product this year. Our riders are already busy building for the summer and everyone is excited about getting the season under way.  When they know that their equipment is first class from top to bottom, it adds to the expectation for the season."

"At the moment, the riders are away putting the finishing touches on their prep.  Dani King and Alex Greenfield are in Australia whilst Sarah Storey is currently training in Spain. Penny Rowson was recently in Birmingham where she picked up 3rd place in the National Cyclo-Cross Championships.”

The team will be use Ritchey bars, stems and seatposts. The bikes will also be finished off with Ritchey bottle cages and bar tape. "Some of the riders used Ritchey in 2009, and I have only ever heard positive comments about them.  That was all I needed to hear before I approached them for 2010.  We’re really grateful for the support and look forward to working with Ritchey and Paligap this year" he added.

Champion System Clothing & Bottle Sport Partner Horizon Fitness

Posted: 20th January 2010 | Source: Horizon Fitness

Champion System is the official clothing supplier to Horizon Fitness Racing Team in 2010. The team will be wearing the full range of quality race clothing made by the American supplier.

‘The team kit looks great and the quality is superb. The guys in the UK are very easy to deal with and their designs are amazing - you feel that you are getting a very personal service. From experience, I know that when you are getting your riders their kit, it's so important they are proud to be wearing it. I think most people will agree that this kit looks great,' said team manager Stefan Wyman.

The team is also pleased to announce that it will be equipped with bottles from UK based company BottleSport in 2010. The teams top quality bottles will be customised to suit them and will be seen at all events for the team throughout 2010.

‘I've been lucky enough to use these bottles for the past few years. BottleSport are a great company to work with and are a valued addition to our team for 2010. Andrew Holyoake, Managing Director of BottleSport, is a keen cyclist himself and races in the summer on the road. Fingers crossed we'll get him out on some team runs this summer,' said team manager Stefan Wyman on the new Partnership.

‘Riders at this level get through a lot of bottles, so it's a very important area for us. It's also something that's overlooked by a lot of riders and teams. At the end of major races in Europe, there are always lots of requests for team bottles from collectors and also from local kids. It's really nice to be able to give them a quality product that everyone is proud of,' added Wyman

Andrew Holyoake added, ‘It's a pleasure to deal with the team for 2010. Women's racing is growing very fast in the UK and I think it's important that we show our support to this exciting project. Stefan has managed to put together a great young squad. We have high hopes for some good performances, but more than that we feel a part of the project, and that is good for all of us.'

Horizon Fitness: Kona Bikes & New Signings

Posted: 17th January 2010 | Source: Horizon Fitness

Kona Bikes for Horizon

2010 will see the Horizon Fitness team hitting the streets on the latest model of Kona road bike. New for 2010, the top of the range full carbon Zing Supreme will be a class act for the riders as they hit the roads of Europe.

‘This bike really is great. I got the opportunity to see it at the Las Vegas show at the end of last year, and I'm really happy that Kona have partnered us for 2010. I think we'll be amongst the first teams to get hold of this bike, and I can wait. It's going to be pretty special,' commented team manager Stefan Wyman.

‘I know Kona really well,' he added. ‘My wife rides for them and you can't wish to meet or spend time with a better bunch of people. I feel very privileged to be using their bikes with my team this year and I hope we can build a long lasting partnership.'

‘I think the riders will be very be very pleased with their new ‘rigs' and it shouldn't be long until the results are flooding in.'

If anyone is interested in riding with the team they should get in touch. ‘This is one of many opportunities for people to get involved with the team and its partners. It's also a great chance for people to see the new bikes first hand. We have a lot of events planned throughout the year and hope to be able to get to know a lot more of the people that will follow our team in 2010,' added the teams' PR manager Gayle Howells.

Two more riders for the Horizon Fitness squad

The last 2 pre-season signings have been made for Horizon Fitness Racing Team. This completes a busy period for the team arranging agreements with it's 8 riders with attention now firmly on the fast approaching season.

Penny Rowsen has joined from the very successful Mischief Card team. Winners of the Women's Team Series in the UK in 2009, Mischief Card have helped develop Penny well and all parties hope that development will continue under the Horizon Fitness squad.

‘Penny is a rider that I've known for a long time. She may be tiny, but she could make a very big impact as a rider. I remember watching her on the track many years ago where she raced with her brother. Now she's entering elite cycling and I think there could be a huge future for her, ‘ commented team manager Stefan Wyman.

As well as Penny, Alex Greenfield will now be joining Horizon Fitness. Alex was a member of the GB Academy in 2009 and has an impressive set of results from the '09 road season on her CV.

The former junior European Champion had a great season based in Belgium including a World Cup top 20 in Holland, 3rd place in the Omloop Borsele (UCI 1.2) and a win in De Pinte. Alex also took at the National Madison title with Dani King, who will now be her team-mate on the Horizon Squad.

‘I've been speaking to the team for some time and really feel it's the right step for me. I'm looking forward to working with the teams' management and getting out and racing with my new team mates,' said Alex about joining Horizon Fitness.

‘It's a big signing for us. It shows that we mean business and I think Alex can have an immediate impact in European races. I'm sure she'll be riding for Great Britain as well as Horizon Fitness during the season which is good for everyone. Her results speak for themselves, as there aren't many British riders that have managed to get a World Cup top 20, and even less of them did it as a first year elite. Let's hope for more of the same,' added Stefan Wyman.

Follow Horizon Fitness here: www.twitter.com/onthedrops

Prendas Partners Horizon Fitness Team

Posted: 13/01/2010 | Source: Horizon Fitness Cycling Team

Prendas Ciclismo will be issuing the Horizon Fitness Racing Team riders with some of their finest items for 2010. The riders will be using gloves, socks, undervests and oversocks amongst other items.

‘We all know in cycling at the top level you need to look good, but we can't afford to compromise that with any drop in quality. That's why I got in touch with Prendas as soon as Horizon Fitness was formed. Fortunately for us, Prendas Ciclismo were happy to come on board and they share many of the same views as us,' said team manager Stefan Wyman.

Prendas already support a number of the international riders and have an impressive list of National and World Champions wearing their accessories. The link with Horizon Fitness adds more champion riders to their list.

‘I think it's important the riders are very well equipped. I'm aiming for them to be as well catered for in all areas as the biggest teams in the world. After all, that's where we want to be soon, so why start with lower expectations,' added Wyman. ‘One of the key things to the smooth running of a team is making sure your partners are right and you have a shared philosophy. It was clear to me from day one, that Mike and Andy are both great guys to work with and I think we'll have a great future together.'

"We are delighted to support Stefan and the team with our own-brand accessory products. All of our top-performing accessories are top quality and are proudly made in Italy. By using our accessories, often the amateur rider can often be better equipped than a professional!" said Andy Storey of Prendas.

Cycleops Partners Horizon Fitness Team

Posted: 11th January 2010 | Source: Horizon Fitness

The latest word from the Horizon Fitness Team

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between CycleOps and the new Horizon Fitness Racing Team. This partnership will see the team using CycleOps Trainers, Rollers and also PowerTaps.

‘To have a company such as Cycle-Ops back you is great news for us and our riders. I know we can have a great year in 2010 and this partnership is going to make things a lot better for us.' said team manager Stefan Wyman on the new partnership. ‘You don't get better trainers and rollers that the CycleOps range, and with the team also being kitted out with training mats and climbing blocks, we'll couldn't ask for more,' added Wyman.

The Horizon Fitness team will starts it's race program from early April, and the riders are already in full training for the tough season ahead. ‘We have a couple of riders going to Australia for some pre-season training, while the others will mix training in Europe with some track and cyclo-cross racing. It's always a long season, and there is a lot of racing ahead. But we're lucky to have these trainers right now as for most riders there has been a huge amount of indoor training going on because of the recent weather,' commented Stefan. ‘I think everyone's excited to see how far we can go in the first season and we have some big plans.'

Horizon Fitness Racing Team will have some riders and staff riding in the Tour of Flanders Sportif ride on 3 April. If anyone is interested in riding with the team they should get in touch. ‘This is one of many opportunities for people to get involved with the team and it's partners. We have a lot of events planned throughout the year and hope to be able to get to know a lot more of the people that will follow our team in 2010,' added the teams' PR manager Gayle Howells.

Horizon Fitness Women's Team Launched

Posted: 10th December 2009

Horizon Fitness is confirmed as the principle sponsor for the new women's team to be run by Stefan Wyman. The team will focus on the developing its young riders by providing them with the best facilities for racing and training, and ensuring that the race program they follow will be 100% tailored to their abilities.

‘Women's cycling is moving forward quickly each year both in terms of the teams and the events. However this coming season will see a lot of long established European pro teams ending and new teams looking to start their build up towards London 2012 and beyond.' commented Stefan Wyman.

About the goals for the team, he added, ‘I want to help develop young British riders, but that isn't my only focus for the team long term. I have some ideas of how I feel success can be achieved in women's cycling, and our sponsors share those ideas. This team will have a major focus on integrating sponsors and supporters with the team to allow them to have the maximum return and enjoyment from the team.'

‘This time of year is always really important to ensure you get the right blend of riders and this year is particularly busy as so many riders are looking for new teams. We're going to be announcing our first riders soon and it really is looking like being an exciting line up' mentioned Wyman, ‘It's also really important that we start to speak to race organisers about entries already. That's another area of Women's Cycling that is changing fast. Some older races have disappeared for 2010, like the Women's Tour de France. However, new events are coming all the time as part of the globalisation of women's cycle sport. The 2010 UCI road calendar includes a World Cup in China and also a Tour of India.'

‘We also want to try to help invest in the sport in UK. We're looking at backing some events and getting our sponsors involved, as well as participating in them ourselves. Over the last few years, women's cycling in the UK has moved so far forward. You only have to look at the rider line up in great teams such as Cervelo to see that. That shows us there is a great pool of talent in the UK and if we can try to work with those riders, we'll be in a good position to excel in major races in the future.'

‘We will also run a club element of the team, to allow riders to ride with Horizon Fitness and enjoy some of the benefits we will be able to offer. I hope this will form part of a strong development platform for the future teams as we move forward over the years. Any rider wishing to join us should get in touch.'

Roster almost complete for Horizon Fitness

January 5, 2010; Team Press Release | www.twitter.com/onthedrops

Two more riders have been added to the Horizon Fitness roster for 2010 taking the squad up  to six riders. It’s been a really busy time for the squad as it also expands it’s commercial partners and plans for the busy schedule of races it will embark upon for the coming season. Current Welsh Road Race Champion Hannah Rich has just been announced as the latest rider for this exciting new British women’s road team and adds a lot of strength to the team. 

"She’s a winner, that’s for sure" commented team manager Stefan Wyman on the signing. "Hannah has proved she can win in the UK, now we need to help take her to the next level and get her winning in Europe. She’ll be able to compete in the Welsh Champions Jersey as well which will be nice." Hannah won the 2009 Welsh Road Race Championships along with several other road and track events. Hannah also represented Great Britain in Europe in 2009 and hopes to build on that European experience.

About the move, Hannah said, "The move to the new team is an exciting new prospect and is one I wish to take with both hands. With the opportunities the team can provide for me, I hope to gain selection to represent Wales at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi and learn from the more experienced riders and managers in the team".

Annabel Simpson is the next rider to be added to the squad. Currently at university in the UK, Annabel will focus on the UK races around her studies.  She has recently switched her focus from Mountain Bike to Road and it will be good to see her progress through the ranks say her new team. "I’m really looking forward to helping Annabel switch to a full road focus" says the team manager. "It will be a lot different for her and I think she’ll really benefit from the increase in focus on one discipline. She’s got the talent and I think we’ll be able to help her move forward very fast." said Wyman about the signing.

Horizon Fitness Roster for 2010: Sarah Storey, Dani King, Gabby Day, Ella Sadler-Andrews, Hannah Rich, Annabel Simpson

More Riders Sign for Horizon Fitness

December 24, 2009; Team Press Release

Following the signing of Sarah Storey, Horizon Fitness (makers of commercial home exercise equipment) are pleased to announce three further signings to their 2010 roster. British Criterium Champion and British Derny Champion Dani King will be joining from Vision 1 Racing.

Having previously worked with team manager Stefan Wyman during 2009, it should be a smooth transition for the South Coast star. Dani commented, “I'm really excited about 2010 and joining the Horizon Fitness team. I'm hoping to build on my successes of 2009, competing internationally and achieving top results for both myself and the team. I’m looking forward to racing with the other girls and becoming a step closer to my ultimate aim of being World Champion and Olympic Gold medallist.”  

Gabby Day, currently enjoying a great season in cyclo-cross in Europe, will also be joining the squad for 2010.  She’s been riding for Stefan Wyman for five years now and hopes to keep progressing under the new Horizon Fitness squad in 2010.  "It’s been a great cyclo-cross season for me.  I know that if I have a good uninterrupted summer, next winter will be even better. I will give my all to the team during the summer months and hope to get a few good results along the way."

Finally, Ella Sadler-Andrews will also be joining Horizon Fitness. "I’m really excited about Ella joining the team. She’s a European track champion, and has huge ability in time trials. There’s no doubt she’s going to be a key member of the team in the coming years and we hope to be able to give her all the opportunities she needs” commented Wyman on the signing.

"These three riders are all very strong and despite being young, are experienced not only in the UK, but around the world also. Dani will lead the team in  many of the classic style races in northern Europe.  She’s going to be a great rider and I think it’s a really good step for her to come to our team for 2010. We’ll be progressing very fast as a team, and so will she as rider.  It looks like an exciting future together”  added Wyman

Link: www.twitter.com/onthedrops

Sarah Storey Signs for Horizon Fitness

Posted: 14th December 2009 | Source: Horizon Fitness

Multiple World and Paralympic Champion Sarah Storey is the first signing for the newly formed Horizon Fitness women's team. The National pursuit champion and multi World and Olympic paracycling champion and record holder will be competing for the team at home in the UK and on the continent.

‘Sarah is a very strong rider with a massive amount of respect in the sport. Her ambition for the future matches her achievements of the past, and that can't be ignored. She's someone that gives 100% and I think our younger riders will learn a huge amount from Sarah,' said team manager Stefan Wyman on the new signing.

‘We had Sarah over for a few days training to our team house in Belgium and she fitted in very well. She's easy to get along with and she can give the guys a run for their money on the bike. I think everyone involved with the team is looking forward to working with her in 2010.' added Wyman ‘To build a team from scratch isn't easy and to blend the personalities is never as easy as it would seem, but I think with Sarah we have someone that going fit in well, and if she races and trains with her usual gusto, she'll raise standards, that's for sure.'

About riding under the Horizon Fitness flag, Sarah said, ‘"I'm excited to join Horizon Fitness Kona and making the step up to racing in a team in bigger races. Road racing is an area I'm keen to improve on as an individual and know that in joining this team I'll be able to continue to develop both skills and physical strength to complement my paracycling races. I'm excited to be working alongside some of GB's finest young talent and am hoping the 2010 season will see us all mould into a strong team and win races along the way. My personal goals lie with 2010 World Paracycling Champs in Columbia in August and I'd also love to make the team for England at Commonwealth Games."