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Brighton Mitre Hove Park Crits

Story posted July 20 | Race 4 | 16 July | by Mike Leonard

Category 4
The category 4 race turned out to be it's usual feisty affair with Jo Burt driving hard on the front for the opening three lap, thus decimating the pack all over the circuit before he himself dropped away. This set-up a lead group of five, Lea Denison, Frazer Clifford (Kinesis Morevelo), Greg Woodhouse, Phil Allan (Brighton Mitre) and Ian Brogden (Onelife).

Quickly getting organised, they pulled out a sizable gap to ensure the winner was going to be decided between them. With five laps to go, Ian Brogden (Onelife) put in a big attack and broke clear to take victory alone. Frazer Clifford (Kinesis Morevelo) pipped Greg Woodhouse (Brighton Mitre) for second in the sprint between them.

Category 2/3
With both series leader Euan Adams (Red Kite Cycles) and second placed Will Kemp (Onelife) both signed on and with just three points separating them, it was down to the final race to sort out the overall winner. Hostilities began at a blistering pace putting all sorts of riders in trouble, prompting a host of early retirements and out of the mêlée came Euan Adams (Red Kite Cycles) and Phil Cloke (San Fairy Ann) breaking away from what was left of the pack.

Pressing on, they were soon well clear of the pack and in the latter stage of the race, Euan Adams left his fellow escapee to take the win. Phil Cloke was a credible second and Mike Coyle taking 3rd. So with three appearances and three solo wins, Euan Adams (Red Kite Cycles) is a very worthy Brighton Mitre 2010 Hove Park Crit Series Winner. Well done & congratulations go to him.


Cat 4 Race
1. Ian Brogden (Onelife)
2. Clifford (Kinesis Morevelo)
3. Greg Woodhouse (Brighton Mitre)
4. Lea Denison (Kinesis Morevelo)
5. Phil Allan (Brighton Mitre)
6. Paul Barnard (Team Terminator)
7. Matt Hennessey (Team Green Racing)
8. Ashley Baker (Brighton Mitre)
9. Matt Coombs (Lewes Wanderers)
10. Joss Davies (Brighton Mitre)
11. Edward Harris (Lewes Wanderers)
12. Jo Burt (Private Member)
13. Peter Lawrence (Southborough Wheelers)
14. Peter Collyen (Southborough Wheelers)
15. Stuart Bettis (Team Terminator)
16. Paul Hiscock (Southborough Wheelers)
17. Martin Booty (Brighton Mitre)
18. Neil Hennessey (Team Green Racing)
19. Tom Goldsmith (VC Jubilee)
20. Bob Evans (Lewes Wanderers)

Cat 2/3 Race

1. Euan Adams (Red Kite Cycles)
2. Phil Cloke (Private Member)
3. Mike Coyle (Brighton Mitre)
4. Dan Clark (Private Member)
5. Will Kemp (Onelife Development Squad)
6. Nick Jepson (Brighton Excelsior)
7. Henry Bird (Lewes Wanderers CC)
8. Nick Smith (VC Jubilee)
9. Nick Leeding (Redhill)
10. Ashley Dennis (VC Jubilee)
11. Jeremy Bishop (Bigfoot)
12. Martin O’Brien (Brighton Mitre)
13. Andy Edwards (Brighton Mitre)
14. Mike Saunders (Team Corridori)

Final Overall standings after race 4
1. Euan Adams (Red Kite Cycles)    30 points
2. Will Kemp (Onelife)            18 points
3. Jake Martin (Onelife)     10 points
4. Phil Cloke (San Fairy Ann) 8 points
5. Andy Edwards (Brighton Mitre) 7 points
5. Simon Fox (Dulwich Paragon) 7 points
7. Brock Duncumb-Rogers (Onelife) 5 points
7. Mark Ottoway (VC Meudon)         5 points     
7. Mike Coyle (Brighton Mitre)         5 points
10. Max Filleul (Southdown Bikes) 3 points
10. Steve Atkinson (Southdown Bikes) 3 points
10. Dan Clark (Private Member) 3 points