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Get Connected Wales Open Criterium

June 26, 2009; by Larry Hickmott

The British road race championship weekend got underway on Friday evening with a series of circuit races in the centre of Abergavenny. As well as Youth events, and one for riders racing for businesses in the Welsh town, the final event of the night was an open event for Elite men and won by Madison’s flying Dutchman, Jeroen Janssen.

The Open Circuit race was 30 minutes plus five laps and it was a disappointing field of only 15 riders that lined up for the race with a few teams that had entered not making the start. There was certainly quality in there however with the likes of Janssen (winner of the round 1 of the Elite Circuit series at Hillingdon and Marcin Bialoblocki, the Girvan winner.

These two plus 13 others lined up at a quarter past eight and they wasted no time getting going and soon one rider was already struggling for air as the pressure was piled on the front by the likes of Dave Clarke. A few little moves including one with Julian Winn, looked promising but it wasn’t until a group of four got away kicked off by an attack from Kinesis rider James Stewart that a break really appeared to have stuck.

He was joined by Bialoblocki, Janssen and Douglas Dewy and the four rode clear of the rest and opened up a gap which never looked like being closed. Dave Clarke went off in lone pursuit but remained in no mans land until the end. The victory was decided in a sprint finish and Janssen finished well clear of the rest and had plenty of time for the celebration  salute across the line before the podium presentation.

With the starters completed, it’s now on for the main course on Saturday with the Junior and Women’s road race championships.

Win for Janssen in Abergavenny.

Jon Mozeley wins the sprint for 6th.

1. Jeroen Janssen, Madison
2. Macin Bialoblocki, Sport beans Wilier
3. James Stewart, Kinesis UK
4. Douglas Dewey, Pendragon/Kalas
5. David Clarke, Pendragon/Kalas
6. Jon Mozeley, Madison
7. Steve Lampier, Kinesis
8. Ben Simmons,
9. Jack Adams, Pendragon/Kalas
10 . George Richardson, Pendragon/Kalas
11.  Tom Collier, Pendragon/Kalas
12. Julian Winn

Left: Julian Winn stops for a drink after being dropped. Right: Steve Lampier leads the chasers.

A good crowd turned up for the race -- it justed needed a few more riders.