How do I Join the Community?

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How Do I Join the Community?

How do I sign in? If you would like to set up a free account, you will first need to register - please register here

Already a Member of British Cycling?

  • I am already a member, how do I sign in?: If you had an account on the British Cycling website before June 17th, we have given you an account on the new site with the same username and password. If you have forgotten these details go to the recover forgotten login details section
  • I'm a member and want to set up a website account: If you are a member but do not have a website account, please register here
  • I'm a member and want to access my membership details: If you want to see your full membership details please log in here
  • Don't forget to change your profile name (which defaults to your membership number) and add a great avatar image.

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