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British Cycling provide courses and assessment for Trainee, Regional A and National Commissaires as well as Accredited Marshalls.

Commissaires are involved at all levels across all disciplines, as shown in the commissaire framework. Accredited Marshalls play a vital role in facilitating road races at Regional and National level.

If you are passionate about supporting cycle sport across any discipline, find out more below about getting started and progressing your journey.

Trainee Commissaire: The first step on your officiating pathway is to become a trainee commissaire in your chosen discipline. This role allows you to grow your knowledge and understanding through online learning, classroom tutoring and supervised practical experience at events - once qualified you will become a Regional B commissaire.

Trainee Commissaire course information

Regional A: If you wish to become a chief commissaire at regional events, you will need to progress and be assessed to become a Regional A commissaire. 

Regional A assessment information - coming soon!

National Commissaire: The next level up is national commissaire which permits you to be a chief commissaire at national events. As a rough guide, you will have a minimum of two seasons’ experience as a regional commissaire before applying for the national commissaire training. 

National Commissaire course information - coming soon

Accredited Marshal: Accredited marshals are playing a huge role in securing the future of road racing in this country by making road races safer for everyone involved; riders, the race convoy and other road users.

Accredited Marshal course information

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If you're interested in becoming a commissaire, in the first instance please contact your regional events officer.

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