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Caroline Humphreys

Red Rose Olympic CC

Red Rose Olympic CC








Date Category Event Position Points Allocation
20/01/2013 Category B Beacon Country Park Cross(Youth) 19 2 Youth:2
30/12/2012 Category A Macclesfield Wheelers Supacross/Cyclestore-co-uk/North Western League Round 13(Youth) 28 0  
15/12/2012 Category B CSP Cross/North Western League Round 12(Youth) 20 1 Youth:1
10/11/2012 Category B Geoff Bewley Memorial Cross/North Western League Round 8(Youth) 30 0  
03/11/2012 Category B St. Helens CRC Cyclo-Cross/North Western League Round 7(Youth) 22 2 Youth:2
31/10/2012 Non Competitive National School of Racing - Cyclo-Cross(Youth Girls U16/U14)  
14/10/2012 Category B Manchester Wheelers Cyclo-Cross/North Western League Round 4(Youth) 26 1 Youth:1
23/09/2012 Category A Horwich Humdinger Cyclo-Cross/North Western League Round 2(Youth) 34 3 Youth:3
16/09/2012 Category A Red Rose Olympic Preston Guild Cyclo-Cross/North Western League Round 1(Youth) 31 0  
 Rider's total points  9 Youth:9