Mountain Bike Leadership guidelines

Mountain Bike Leadership guidelines

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British Cycling's guidelines for leading rides provides best practice guidance and remit for all holders of a British Cycling leadership award.

Leadership health and safety guidelines encompassing both road and mountain bike leadership

Guidelines for Leading Rides

Overview of changes - Jan 2018

MTB Night Leader Guidelines

The health and safety guidelines for leading rides outline the full remit for each British Cycling ride leader and mountain bike leader awards. These guidelines are designed to support your rides, safeguarding both riders and the leaders involved in those sessions. As such, this resource will support your training and experience in order to help optimise the leading environment you create.

The guidelines were developed in consultation with all areas of the sport over a number of years and have recently been reviewed by an inclusive workgroup comprising of British Cycling, Welsh Cycling and Scottish Cycling staff and tutors. The document is regarded as the standard for British Cycling and its insurers for all cycling leaders operating under British Cycling insurance.  

Leading on private land and public estate

Leading on private land

Leading mountain bike groups on routes outside of cycle suitable public rights of way or legally approved access may require agreement with the land manager to ensure good practice, safe activity provision and insurance permissions. This information is designed to support your leading and enable full understanding of the legal use of private land and public estate such as non-waymarked trails in forestry areas.

Developed in consultation with major land managers, this guidance provides details of the legal standing across the UK, reasoning behind access restrictions, sources of appropriate contacts and how to fulfil land managers' requirements where you wish to access their land when leading mountain bike rides.

If you’re a qualified British Cycling leader at any level, please take time to familiarise yourself with these documents. Please note that it is updated periodically, so we recommend you to refer to the live (electronic) version published here rather than keeping a printed copy.

National governing body MTB Leadership awards in HM Forces

MTB Leadership and HM Forces

Learners serving in HM Forces (including the Army Reserve, Cadet Forces and MOD Civil Service) have several options available to them when considering training as an MTB Leader, some of which are offered in tandem with Joint Service Adventurous Training courses.

British Cycling works closely with HM Forces to tailor the British MTB Leadership awards to the needs of those serving in the military; gaining an NGB MTB Leadership award allows them the flexibility to lead both military and civilian mountain biking activity. This applies whilst serving and after leaving the forces.

If you have any questions, please contact either (Call 0161 274 2063) or (Call 0161 274 2095).