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Member profile: Sue Powdrill

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At 59 years old, relative cycling newcomer Sue says that it's never too late to fall in love with cycling, enjoying riding both at home and abroad with husband Mervyn. But if it's a bicycle made for two, Sue only has eyes for Sir Brad...


Sue Powdrill




Ruddington (born in London)


I ride with my husband Mervyn and love the cycling community on the road. We are considering joining a club that does daytime rides. We have been riding regularly for only two years.

What kind of riding do you do?

We ride 50 to 90 kilometre rides on the mostly quiet country roads of south Nottinghamshire/north Leicestershire, and in France where we go for the month of July every year.

What do you enjoy most about cycling?

Being out in the fresh air, open countryside, physical exertion, getting stronger and improving my average speed, and Strava records – possible even at age 59! And the sense of achievement and well-being.

What’s your favourite ride?

At home: A circuit of Widmerpool/Hickling/Harby/Redmile/Cropwell Bishop/Plumtree (Vale of Belvoir). In France: Charente

What’s your top cycling tip to share?

It is never too late to improve health and fitness, which leads to greater enjoyment of cycling and life in general. Keep persevering, and ride safe, and you will be pleased with the results of your efforts and the significant health gains, psychological and physical. We had bike and saddle fits from our local bike shop which I highly recommend.

If you had a tandem, who would you like to ride it with?

Sir Bradley Wiggins and discuss how the insecurities and setbacks of a disadvantaged background can be overcome with getting into cycling

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