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Member profile - Chris Carter

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Chris is a man of extremes - he loves racing BMX - but nothing beats a ride through Burnham Beeches with his daughter!

Name: Chris Carter
Runnymede Rockets and the Race Day Video BMX Racing Team

What kind of riding do you do?
BMX Cruiser racing

What do you enjoy most about cycling?
From the big stuff like winning the south championships last year down to the small stuff like the sound of a freshly serviced freehub, I love it all!

What’s your favourite ride?
A good session at Mitcham track ranks pretty highly, though I love my solo training rides round the Chiltern Hills where I live. But top of the list has to be a gentle roll through Burnham Beeches with my nine year-old daughter.

What’s your top cycling tip to share?
Buy a decent pump and use it often. I see so many commuters in London on soft tyres – they’re making life hard for themselves.

If you had a tandem, who would you like to ride it with?
My wife – it’s the only way I would get her to ride anywhere near a hill, on the basis that I would have to do all the pedalling!

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