Five facts: the hour record

Five facts: the hour record

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The hour record – seen by many as the purest test of cycling ability – has seen a resurgence and next month reaches its inevitable crescendo as Sir Bradley Wiggins makes his attempt on 7 June.

If you’re one of the lucky few who managed to get a ticket – or if you’re watching on TV- impress your mates with some amazing trivia as the laps tick by!

Alex Dowsett: The current hour record holder. Set on 2 May 2015 in Manchester, with a distance of 52.937 kilometres.

Chris Boardman: Man to complete the longest distance on a bike in one hour – 56.375 kilometres. Due to using a position deemed illegal by the UCI, this is not seen as the modern hour record, rather the best ever achieved regardless of equipment.

Henri Desgrange: Man to complete the first officially recognised hour record, in 1893 of 35.325 kilometres.

Seven minutes: The time it took for Lee Valley Velopark to sell out of tickets to Wiggins’ hour record attempt.

To set a new hour record, Sir Bradley Wiggins will have to complete over 211.7 laps of the 250 metre velodrome – taking an average of less than 17 seconds per-lap.